Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo: How To Get All Amiibo Armor

Here's how to scan the new Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo figures and claim their special Sinister Seal layered armor sets.


Monster Hunter Rise launched alongside three new Amiibo figures, each of which unlocks a special set of layered armor in the game. Unlike the other armor you can craft through regular gameplay, layered armor is cosmetic--it doesn't offer any stats of its own, but you can wear it over your current armor set to change up your look.

The Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo are sold exclusively at GameStop in the US, and they're available right now (although as is usually the case with these collectibles, supplies may be limited). If you've gotten your hands on the new figures, here's a rundown on how to scan them in the game and claim their armor sets.

Monster Hunter Amiibo Armor

There are three Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo figures: the Magnamalo Amiibo, Palamute Amiibo, and Palico Amiibo. Each figure unlocks a set of Sinister Seal layered armor, all of which are themed after the game's flagship monster, the Magnamalo (and look really cool).

The Magnamalo Amiibo unlocks a set of Sinister Seal layered armor for your hunter, while the Palamute and Palico Amiibo unlock similar sets for each respective buddy. You can take a look at each set of Sinister Seal layered armor below.

Magnamalo Amiibo Armor

Sinister Seal hunter layered armor
Sinister Seal hunter layered armor

Scanning the Magnamalo Amiibo will unlock the Sinister Seal layered armor for your hunter. This armor set has the same motif as the game's flagship monster and comes in both male and female variants.

Palamute Amiibo

Sinister Seal Palamute layered armor
Sinister Seal Palamute layered armor

The Palamute Amiibo unlocks a set of Sinister Seal layered armor for your Palamute companion. Like the hunter armor, this set is themed after the Magnamalo, giving your Palamute an imposing appearance.

Palico Amiibo

Sinister Seal Palico layered armor
Sinister Seal Palico layered armor

Scanning the Palico Amiibo will unlock a set of Sinister Seal layered armor for your Palico companion. As with the other two Amiibo armor sets, this cosmetic gear is themed after the Magnamalo.

How To Scan Amiibo

Once you've gotten the Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo, you can scan them by speaking to Kagero the Merchant, whose stall is located right in the center of Kamura Village, right across from where Hinoa is stationed. Select Read Amiibo when you speak to Kagero and the game will prompt you to scan a figure. You can also speak to Maido in the Gathering Hub to scan your figures.

Select Claim Bonuses after you scanned the Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo and you'll receive your Sinister Seal layered armor. The game is also compatible with any other Amiibo figure; scan one of these and you'll be entered into the Amiibo Lottery, which simply rewards you with a random item, typically a consumable like a potion. You can only scan a figure once per day, but you can enter the Amiibo Lottery up to three times daily--so if you have spare Amiibo figures sitting around, this is a good way to get your hands on some free bonus items.

Keep in mind that you'll need to have downloaded Monster Hunter Rise's 1.1.1 update to claim the Amiibo items. Be sure to also check out our Monster Hunter Rise guides below if you're just getting started in the game.

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