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Monster Hunter Portable 3 coming to PlayStation Vita - Report

[UPDATE] Retailer listing suggests Capcom's series coming to Sony handheld; Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights page a fake.


[CORRECTION] Eurogamer has updated its original story with a comment from Play stating that the listing images for Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy, and Tales of Innocence were fake, and the retailer never listed those titles on its site. However, it acknowledged the Monster Hunter page was legitimate, but was pulled at Capcom's request. The original version of this story can be found below:

A new Grand Theft Auto title--Vice City Nights--is in development for the PlayStation Vita, according to a product listing page at United Kingdom retailer

GTA is heading to the PS Vita, according to Play.
GTA is heading to the PS Vita, according to Play.

The listing has since been yanked, but Eurogamer was able to capture a screenshot of the page. It suggests the game will carry a €39.99 (about $50) price point.

No further information regarding Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights is available, and as of press time, Rockstar Games had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment.

If Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights is real, it will be the second new Grand Theft Auto game from Rockstar confirmed as in development. Grand Theft Auto V was announced in October, but no release window or platforms have been offered for that game.

In addition to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights, the retailer posted listings for PS Vita games Monster Hunter Portable 3, Tales of Innocence R, and Final Fantasy Type-O HD.

The Monster Hunter Portable 3 product listing remains live on Play's website. If Monster Hunter Portable 3 comes to the PS Vita, it won't be a total surprise. Capcom Europe COO David Reeves said in July that the Monster Hunter franchise would "probably" come to the PS Vita.

The other two listings are for titles that Japanese gamers might already be familiar with. Tales of Innocence R launched on the PS Vita in Japan in January, while Final Fantasy Type-O previously appeared on the PSP.

GameSpot has contacted Capcom, Square Enix, and Namco Bandai concerning the supposed product listings. As of press time, no responses have been provided.

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