Monster Hunter-Like Dauntless Gets New Update; Adds Trials, Hunt Pass, And More

Test your mettle in daunting trials.


Phoenix Labs has announced the latest update for Dauntless is now live. The free-to-play Monster Hunter-like game's newest expansion is called Fortune & Glory, and it adds a bunch of new content to Dauntless--including Trials, a brand-new Hunt Pass, and more cosmetic rewards.

"Fortune & Glory provides Slayers with a formidable new challenge in the form of Trials," Phoenix Labs press contact Andy Burt wrote in a press release. "The Trials experience is a new gameplay offering from Lady Luck, an enigmatic figure who arrives in Ramsgate with a mysterious island in tow. Trials will pit adventurous Slayers against dangerous, modified Behemoths and all-new environmental challenges, like terrain-transforming pests. With the clock ticking through each hunt, it will be up to Trials' challengers to prove that they can execute under pressure."

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Split into both Normal and Dauntless difficulties, the Trials offer a variety of rewards for completing them. You can earn Steel Marks for finishing Normal Trials, which can then be used to buy weapon mods and alternate special attacks. Completing Dauntless level Trials nets you Gilded Marks, which can be used to purchase exclusive cosmetic rewards. Completing Trials is the only way to earn Steel Marks and Gilded Marks.

With the arrival of Fortune & Glory comes the beginning of Dauntless' sixth season, High Skies. The new season brings a new Hunt Pass for you to work your way through, with 50 levels of pirate-themed content to unlock. Phoenix Labs reports that High Skies will actually contain two Hunt Passes, but the studio hasn't revealed a specific date for the release of the second pass (or what theme it will encompass), but it is expected to launch sometime in August.

Dauntless is available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. A Switch version is scheduled to release in 2019.

In our Dauntless review, Ginny Woo wrote, "Overall, Dauntless is clearly an experience that has been optimized to deliver the most stress-free multiplayer session possible. From the seamless crossplay to the way that anyone can hop into a game and confidently take up arms against formidable foes, it’s refreshingly accessible and looks great to boot. While it can feel a little empty, and there are bugs that mar the experience here and there, its fresh look and lively spark are more than enticing enough to warrant a spin."

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