Monster Hunter Getting First-Ever TV Show in Japan

The Monster Hunter Stories TV program aims to be something "people of all ages can enjoy."


Monster Hunter Stories, the upcoming 3DS entry in the series that goes in a new direction, is getting its own animated TV show in Japan. The program, tentatively called Monster Hunter Stories, will air in 2016 through Fuji Television Networks and other networks, Capcom announced in a news release today.

This is the first-ever Monster Hunter TV show. With more than 32 million copies of Monster Hunter games sold to date, there is clearly a potential market for the new undertaking. Capcom said it hopes its upcoming Monster Hunter TV show will be something that "people of all ages can enjoy."

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Right now, Monster Hunter Stories--the game and the TV show--have been confirmed only for Japan.

Rather than taking on the usual role of hunters, in Monster Hunter Stories, players instead play as riders--something that's seen in the colorful, cartoonish debut trailer above, wherein the player (and a more-round-headed-than-usual Palico) are seen mounting a monster and riding around on it.

Stories is expected out in Japan in 2016 alongside the TV show. Check out the first piece of art for the Monster Hunter show below.

The latest entry in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, was released for 3DS in February. Combined with those of its Japanese counterpart, Monster Hunter 4G, sales had already eclipsed 3 million units as of February.

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I might watch it with the youngins, they love watching Pokemon and stuff right now.