Monster Hunter Celebrates 15th Anniversary, Possibly Teases Something New

Take a look back on every Monster Hunter game to date.

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While 2018's Monster Hunter World served as many players' introduction to the action RPG series, the franchise is one of Capcom's oldest, originally debuting during the PlayStation 2 era. This year marks the series' 15th anniversary, and the publisher is commemorating the occasion with a special trailer.

The video, which you can watch below, takes a look back on all of the mainline installments in the series to date, beginning with 2004's Monster Hunter. Since then, the franchise has appeared on numerous handheld and home consoles, including the PSP, Wii, and 3DS, most recently making its home on PS4, Xbox One, and PC with Monster Hunter World.

The video ends with another teaser for Iceborne, this year's major Monster Hunter World expansion. Capcom hasn't revealed any new details about the DLC, but it has previously said it will introduce new locales, monsters, gear, quests, and other content.

In addition to the above trailer, Capcom has been celebrating Monster Hunter's 15th anniversary by sharing cards from developers who've worked on the series, one of which has caught the attention of users on Resetera. Specifically, eagle-eyed fans have spotted the word "NEXT" apparently hidden in the card from Yasunori Ichinose, who has directed several portable Monster Hunter games.

Whether or not this is a hint at things to come for the franchise remains to be seen, but we'll undoubtedly hear more about Monster Hunter World's Iceborne expansion before long. The DLC is slated to launch for PS4 and Xbox One this fall, with a PC release to follow.

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Iceborne will basically be another area. It should have 4-5 new Large monsters, small monster, plant life, etc etc.... expect a bunch of armor and weapons as well.

I did some figuring out (based on the main game) and Iceborne should be $15. It might be $20, but anything above that is overpriced (even $20 is a bit overpriced). I've never bought a single microtransaction (been gaming since Atari days) and I rarely buy DLC..... but Iceborne is one DLC i'll buy in a second (so long as it's not over $20) because Capcom has supported MHW with so much free content and you can tell they put their heart and soul into the game. Companies like Rockstar, Square Enix and EA only care about cutting content from their games, only to milk that game for all it's worth with DLC (GTA V, FFXV, KH3 and everything from EA).

So happy to finally be playing a Monster Hunter game.... ive been wanting to ever since the first one came out but never had the system it was available on.

MHW is easily in my top 20 favorite games all-time.

Avatar image for slappy190

@Fish61324: i believe you are underestimating the iceborne Expansion. They said themselves that it will be the size of the ultimate versions of their previous games, meaning we will definitely be getting more than 5 monsters. Id say 14 possibly more. At least 2 new areas/locales possbly more. New quest rank aka G rank, meaning new weapons and armor sets from every existing monster in the game. New moves, have no idea what that could be, hunter arts maybe but anyway exciting as hell. Now the big thing, they've said the Expansion will be at least 50% the size of the main game and possibly even bigger, so im guessing its also gonna be priced by that mount so we have to expect 30-40$ and to be honest i am more than willing to pay that amount

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@Fish61324: What is your top 3 just curious.