Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Sales Surpass 3m Units

Total sales of all Monster Hunter games since 2004 has reached 32 million units, Capcom reveals.

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Capcom’s newest entrant in its flagship action-RPG series, has now shipped more than three million copies worldwide.

Released on Friday February 13 in North America and Europe, the game appears to have made an immediate impact, entering the UK all-format game charts at fourth. Sales were spurred on by the release of Nintendo’s New 3DS handheld, which also launched across the west on Friday.

Capcom's latest action-RPG first launched in Japan on October 11, under the slightly amended name Monster Hunter 4G. Both Ultimate and 4G are the same game overall; an upgrade of the original Monster Hunter 4 that shipped in 2013.

While the original managed to surpass four million sales in about six months, Ultimate/4G is threatening to eclipse that feat already. On Monday, the publisher wrote in a notice to investors that “the resulting popularity of Monster Hunter 4G/Ultimate has propelled worldwide sales to more than 3 million units globally.”

Since the first Monster Hunter game made its debut in 2004, the series has steadily grown into what Capcom calls a “mega-hit,” now with cumulative sales of more than 32 million units worldwide.

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Avatar image for Mafia217

Has anyone had the trouble of getting a copy of Monster Hunter 4? All Gamestop stores keep telling me they ran out and that I need to make special

Avatar image for Runeweaver

If it was on the Wii U as well i would have bought it on both the Wii U and 3ds, but i just dont like playing on a small screen at home, and I know im in a minority but i enjoyed underwater combat, Lagiacrus will always be one of my favorite monsters, guess il stick with 3 ultimate on the Wii U/3ds and buy Toukiden Kiwami when its released next month.

Avatar image for nefphlegm

I just love that this game is doing so well. Hopefully this pattern continues and we get more consistent games from here on out. Japan don't ignore the west and europe so much... we love monster hunter. Currently playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite with some friends and family beating that then we'll be moving towards the 3DS... can't wait!

Avatar image for aricav96

I guess I'll die before there is MH for the Vita, or PS for that matter :C

Avatar image for DanielL5583

You're doing something right, Capcom.

I never thought I would say those words after 2009...

Avatar image for alenth

" Shipped"

Avatar image for deactivated-593f0dd1837f9

It's a great title, well deserved to reach that many sales. Hopefully many more sales are to come.

Avatar image for GunEye

Wish they release these games on PS4!!

Avatar image for BramStark

Poor Vita XD

Avatar image for Wild_man_22

Grats, to Capcom the game deserves it. I still would prefer a Wii-U version, but I've come to terms with it at this point.

To people asking for a large scale console Monster Hunter....I think their is a reason Capcom has kept this series on such low powered devices. I'm sure it's a cost issue at this point. But it sure would be exciting if MH5 was a console game.

Avatar image for xolivierx

can somebody tell me why are Nintendo handhelds getting SO MANY great games, while for both microsoft and sony consoles, you get HD garbage ridden with DLC, bugs, season passes and tacked on multiplayer to compensate for the 5 hours long game length?

Seriously, like so many have stated before me, THIS is the kind of game consoles should get(WiiU included). That is exactly the reason why I don't own a Ps4/Xbox one. IF they still sold PS2, I would gladly buy one.

Keep your HD crap, I'll play older good games.

Avatar image for alenth

<< LINK REMOVED >> Hipster alert.

Avatar image for RSM-HQ

<< LINK REMOVED >> I'm not sure what you're talking about? Your comment has a showing of ignorance. WiiU is two years old & 3DS is almost four!

Can't speak for the X1 owners; but as a PS4 investor it's a case of look a round the corner for such a young device.

I'm very excited for Disgaea 5 & BloodBorne this year. And I'm sure will be worthy exclusives.

Granted, however, Little Big Planet 3 is garbage.

Avatar image for Altazen

Title: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Sales Surpass 3m Units.

Article's first paragraph: << LINK REMOVED >>, Capcom’s newest entrant in its flagship action-RPG series, has now shipped more than three million copies worldwide.

I thought Sales and Shipped is not the same?

Avatar image for Mr-Mindcrime

A Wii U version would be cool.

Avatar image for WingChopMasta

I find it a lazy cop out for them not to bring this out on proper consoles. Make real games, with hi res assets and bigger areas. The 3DS holds back good games because people will buy anything to justify the thing.

Get it on real consoles already.

Avatar image for oChampion

Does this include the copies of the game that were included with the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 3DS system?

Avatar image for grin89

are any of these games available on xbox 1 ps4 or pc?

Avatar image for Yomigaeru

<< LINK REMOVED >> I believe Monster Hunter Frontier Online (and the update Frontier G) is the only one available on one of those platforms (PC, but no PS4 or Xbox 1). Unfortunately, it wasn't released outside of Japan, and I think it even prevents people outside of Japan from connecting (unless you use a VPN, perhaps).

Avatar image for Lu_Shen

3 million sold yet each MH barely gets a US release.

Avatar image for hawkensha

why doesn't amazon sell the new 3ds already :(

Avatar image for sakaixx

Nice, would have been good to have a vita ver though. Kinda feels weird not getting a monster hunter there after how much was released on psp.

Avatar image for juanmdp

<< LINK REMOVED >> if anything, because the PSV has better controls than the 3DS. But Nintendo was smart to buy some kind of rights to get the games. So Sony got screwed~.

Avatar image for Yomigaeru

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Capcom just goes where the money is, I think. There are a lot more 3DS units out there than Vitas (especially outside of Japan).

Avatar image for sakaixx

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> but it's capcom, they never made good decision.

Avatar image for tarp_master

Monster Hunter...pretty much the only franchise keeping Capcom alive.

Avatar image for lapinchelagalle

Yeah and prices of this game are going up day by day, its on 52USD right now on Avarzon

Avatar image for iandizion713

Nice Monster Hunter, games on Nintendo selling like hot cakes. Nintendo is rolling in money. I think this game will become the best selling current Gen game.

Avatar image for WingChopMasta

<< LINK REMOVED >> currently gen? No. The new 3DS is not even new. This game looks like crap. It should have been on real consoles but ya. Why make proper games when you can sell anything on a Nintendo handheld.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

<< LINK REMOVED >> the success of the 3ds is balancing out their losses with the wii u. in other words, they are only breaking even financially at present. but yes, they have billions in the bank already saved from years past should they ever need it.

Avatar image for iandizion713

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Nintendo dont lose on Wii U, every time one is sold they have made profit. Also Wii U games have sold like Hot Cakes. Mario Kart 8 is almost at 5 million, close to the top selling PS4 /Xbox One top selling game Call of Duty.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

<< LINK REMOVED >> they aren't moving wii u hardware in meaningful numbers. it is the worst selling nintendo console in history as we all know. software on its own isn't enough. it doesn't come cheap when you consider how much money they spent on r&d and manufacturing costs.

Avatar image for zophiewinters

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Nintendo doesn't sell consoles at a loss though, they really are making a profit on every unit sold, even if that amount isn't very high.

Avatar image for iandizion713

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> they have sold 10 million units so far, when all is said and done they will beast. Gamecube sold 22 million total. And best of all, they are making profit with each sold. In todays world their is so much to buy, Nintendo was smart to play it safe.

Avatar image for doozie78

Now put this on the friggin wiiU you guzzlers.

Avatar image for desert_thief

<< LINK REMOVED >> According to the developer, the inclusion of online mode in MH4U for 3DS has made them thought that Wii U version is unnecessary. Plus, MH3U for Wii U didn't sell as well as the 3DS version at least in Japan.

Avatar image for nbf4548

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I'm sure the 3ds version is fine but it would be nice to play it on a 1080p tv with hi-res textures. The 3ds videos I have seen don't look great.

Avatar image for otterbee

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Maybe that has to do with install-base. I still think they need to bring this game to the Wii U. I'd certainly buy it there, even though I'm playing the crap outta the 3DS version right now!

Avatar image for sakaixx

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> console version of monster hunter almost never sells well.

Avatar image for juanmdp

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> to be fair, when it was on consoles, MH wasn't the phenomenon that it's today. We can't tell for sure if it sold poorly because of lack of awareness or lack of interest in the genre~.

Avatar image for phili878

man, so far I am having more fun this year on my 3ds than on my PS4/XBathtub1 and PC combined .... MM, MH4U...

Avatar image for jodiejones

damn is that us sales or japan and us sales total?

Avatar image for juanmdp

<< LINK REMOVED >> definitely West + Japan sales. There's no way that game sold so much in the West when it just came out~.

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