Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate headed to 3DS in early 2015

Capcom promises it will have something for loyal fans and new players as well.

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Capcom has revealed that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be coming exclusively to the Nintendo 3DS in early 2015.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be the Western release of Monster Hunter 4G, which Capcom also revealed today at its Hunter Festa '13 event in Japan.

"While we wanted to maintain the familiar features that fans have come to love," Monster Hunter series Producer at Capcom Ryozo Tsuzjimoto said in the announcement video, "we really wanted to evolve the series in a new direction, to appeal to existing players and attract new ones as well."

Tsuzjimoto explained that the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will introduce more vertical and lateral movement than ever, opening up new possibilities by expanding the range of player actions and creating more fluid and dynamic experiences.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will also feature online as well as local wireless multiplayer.

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