Monopoly Streets rolling the dice on 360, PS3, Wii

Electronic Arts revamping board game as a "dynamic" 3D world with online multiplayer, downloadable content this fall; DS to receive vanilla version of popular Hasbro game.


Electronic Arts first grabbed its monopoly on Monopoly-based games in 2007 and has been making frequent use of it ever since, producing faithful adaptations of the Hasbro board game for all manner of game systems and mobile devices. Now the publisher is thinking a bit outside the box it came in, as EA today announced a spin-off titled Monopoly Streets for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii.

Monopoly Streets is watching.
Monopoly Streets is watching.

Set for release this fall, Monopoly Streets will reimagine the board game in "a fully dynamic, living, 3D world that continuously evolves." While EA hasn't detailed what changes to the gameplay that will entail (if any), it has said that players will be able to "experience the game at street level," with properties that reflect their neighborhoods, be they posh or impoverished. Player headquarters will likewise reflect their performance in the game.

Acknowledging that not everybody plays the same way, EA will allow players to tweak and save their own "house rules" in Monopoly Streets. Other features include the ability to play as Miis on the Wii or avatars in the Xbox 360 version of the game, as well as online multiplayer with local, national, and global leaderboards. EA is also promising to support the game with downloadable content in the form of extra characters, tokens, and themed boards.

Those who enjoy the board game's original formula just fine will also be able to play classic Monopoly modes in the game. Along the same lines, EA is planning a vanilla version of Monopoly on the DS to be released alongside Monopoly Streets.

EA isn't the only one thinking "out of the box" when it comes to Monopoly. Acclaimed director Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner, Robin Hood) has been tied to a big-screen adaptation of the game in which greedy property managers engage in cutthroat competition.

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does this really need to be news? Monopoly is Monopoly fancy it up however you want to.

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The board game will be superior.

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alright sounds good, getting it definitely

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depending on how good it is I may pick this up just like I did the first one

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Here's hoping that EA doesn't make a mess of a time-honoured intellectual property like it did with a certain one previously.

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I kinda agree with djwood84. This seems like a great idea for a game I like having the Avatars be part of this, view street lvl seems cool, and I like adding more family friendly games to the 360. But I do think that having Life would be better if they did both that would be great. And having the ability to change themes in monopoly is cool but imagine it in Life. *Halo or CoD theme anyone?*

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I'm excited to finally see a online multiplayer component to Monopoly... it's been a long time coming.

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The biggest gripe I have always had with Monopoly is that there is a point in the game when it's obvious beyond a doubt who is going to win and continuing to play is simply delaying the inevitable and no longer becomes fun (in my opinion). Replace Monopoly with the word Life and you'll really have a keeper there.

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@Decessus I agree. There's always that one spot where someone has the clear lead, yet the game continues for what seems like an eternity. Then you just mess around :)

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The biggest gripe I have always had with Monopoly is that there is a point in the game when it's obvious beyond a doubt who is going to win and continuing to play is simply delaying the inevitable and no longer becomes fun (in my opinion).

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@speedytimsi People said the same thing about Pirates of the Caribbean and that turned out pretty well.

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Is movie on monopoly even possible? Well who am i 2 predict cuz they even had a monopoly game show a long time ago. Wonder who's gonna be the monopoly man...

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A MOVIE?! Based off MONOPOLY?!?! are you joking Ridley Scott? Nobody will watch that crap. I am however looking forward to this game if it is done well.

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I thought this was going to be an XBL download. It might be ok. Have really played any family board games in a long time. Last party game I played with family was Scene It. After the 3rd time through the questions started repeating.

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awesome. the other monopoly that came out was ok but annoying as hell with the music and announcer dude

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I hope the game adds some fundamental changes to monopoly. I have played so many iterations of the same game that they are all starting to blur together...

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A free-form RPG set in a city where the goal is to buy up all the real-estate and take control of the city actually sounds like fun. In multiplayer modes, other players live in your city and have to either deal with your crummy leases while buying their own real-estate to compete with you, or they can team up with you to create partnerships and joint-leases to overpower other players. The partnership can end at any which case, you have to go to court to determine who gets the assets, a randomly generated outcome, but you can bribe the judge to win the trial. Be careful! If you get caught, you go to jail.

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There are screenshots of it in OXM. It's like a giant city around you. One thing though: they said it won't be $60, but they're "hoping" for $40. Another new game of Hasbro Family Nights is Jenga and a Waldo kind of game where you try to find things in a picture except it's not Waldo.

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Hmm, monopoly in a 3d environment? Oooh I hope it looks like an actual city and not a light-green board! Sounds pretty interesting actually, but a monopoly movie, seriously?

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This doesn't exactly strike me as "big news". I don't remember this much of a fuss when they added Uno :P.

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Definitely will be better to play with others..The AI can't handle the trading concept at all!

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I'll give it a try.

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do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars!

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My friend has Monopoly for the PS3. At first I made fun of him for buying it, but it's actually a great party game because of the relaxed pacing. You can talk and hang out with your friends while playing and still be able to follow the game.

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RadicalToenail gotta be kidding me...

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Oh no *cough* shovelware *cough*

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I wouldn't be supporting this if it was any other board game, but i am always looking forward to more monopoly. not so much the movie though.

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A Monopoly movie, really?

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can i have my avatar go sell drugs to rich people on park place?