Monolith on the Move

Developer of Blood goes high-tech; opens multimedia production studio, develops "bleeding-edge 3-D technology" for Microsoft.


Monolith Productions, best known at the moment for developing the upcoming action game Blood, has opened a full-service facility for multimedia production. It also announced the E3 presentation of DirectEngine, a 3-D technology it is developing for Microsoft.

The Monolith Services Division consists of Monolith F/X, Monolith Studios, and Monolith Tools and is set up for 3-D scanning, rendering, motion capture, animation, and audio and video production, along with demo and product development. Not just for games, the facility will create multimedia for film, television, advertising, medicine, engineering, music, architecture, advertising, and corporate presentations.

DirectEngine is a true 3-D engine using Microsoft's DirectX technology, which Microsoft may license to third-party developers. At this year's E3, Microsoft will be showing the engine, which Monolith calls "bleeding-edge 3-D technology," privately to developers and other interested parties.

Current Monolith projects, besides Blood, include Claw, a multiplayer arcade-style family adventure set for August, and Metal Tek. Metal Tek is the working title of a 3-D first-person anime-style action game (in the vein of Quake) set to be published by Microsoft next year. The game will spotlight DirectEngine technology.

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