Monkeys invade GameCube

Sega ships Super Monkey Ball 2 to retailers in North America.


Super Monkey Ball 2

Sega of America has announced that Super Monkey Ball 2 for the GameCube has shipped. Super Monkey Ball 2 builds on the original by offering 150 new puzzles, a new story mode that follows the exploits of Dr. Bad-Boon, and new minigames, including monkey shot, monkey boat race, monkey baseball, and monkey dogfight.

"If you're only going to own one multiplayer game for the Nintendo GameCube, Super Monkey Ball 2 should be it," said Mike Fischer, vice president of entertainment marketing for Sega of America. "Fans of the original Super Monkey Ball will love the challenging new mazes and awesome new party games, and players new to the franchise will be thrilled with the game's addictive gameplay and trademark humor."

Look for a full review soon.

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