Mondo Doesn't Like Scalpers, Plans Larger Runs Of Limited-Edition Posters

Parent company Funko's CEO also confirmed increased production of vinyl records.


After news of layoffs at Funko and Mondo led many to believe that the Mondo poster business would be discontinued, Funko CEO Brian Mariotti posted a statement to the official Mondo Twitter account not only dispelling the rumor, but also confirming larger poster runs in the future to combat scalpers.

Mariotti states that these larger runs of Mondo's limited-edition posters will help get the posters to those that want them, as opposed to flippers who buy them for "the sole purpose of flipping them" at a huge markup. "The posters are created by some of the most amazing artists working today," Mariotti says. "Our goal is to make larger edition size runs (limited but not ultra limited) that allow more fans to participate."

Mariotti called the fervor around the end of Mondo's poster business "misinformation" in the statement, while also noting that "the majority of company-wide layoffs weren't in Mondo." He then continues by confirming that the Mondo poster business "will continue, period."

The statement then shifted to the vinyl record business, which Mariotti says will also expand in the coming months. According to then post, the company has plans to build a nearly 70,000 square foot facility in San Diego that will house a record-pressing factory, record store, and live music event space.

"We are 100% committed to providing all of the support we possibly can to the folks at Mondo," Mariotti concludes, "so they can continue to make amazing products that reach a larger and more diverse fanbase."

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