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Monday Night Combat title update hits XBL

Uber Entertainment patches third-person shooter; rash of fixes, gameplay balance measures implemented; information on free DLC arriving in the coming weeks.


No Caption Provided Over the summer, Microsoft held its third annual Summer of Arcade promotion. Five new titles launched during the course of a couple months, and one of them was Uber Entertainment’s class-based shooter Monday Night Combat. Gamers who downloaded the title and have been irked by gameplay and balance issues can now rest easy, as the developer has now patched it.
Monday Night Combat is now all patched up and ready to go.
Monday Night Combat is now all patched up and ready to go.

A patch for Monday Night Combat is now ready to download. The update brings a laundry list of changes to the shooter. Chief among them are fixes to networking issues, and the studio has also taken measures to increase the speed of said networking and matchmaking.

Gamers already in an Xbox Live party now won’t be split up upon entering the pre-game lobby. Additionally, the pre-game lobby timer now sits at 45 seconds, decidedly shorter than before. Addressing lag scenarios, Uber Entertainment has tweaked weapon hit detection in “high-lag” situations.

For those who haven’t yet purchased the title, the trial (downloadable from the Xbox Live Marketplace) has had its duration extended. Now, samplers will be able to try the title for 60 minutes instead of the previous 30.

Uber also teased downloadable content for Monday Night Combat. The developer said it will deliver information on the title’s first batch of free DLC in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, the developer provided nothing more specific than that.

For a full list of changes, check out the patch notes on the Uber Entertainment forums. For more on Monday Night Combat, check out GameSpot’s review.

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