Monday Night Combat scorches Steam Jan. 17

Uber Entertainment's stylized class-based shooter arrives on Valve's platform next month; enters beta Thursday; new content promised for PC version.


Monday Night Combat

Uber Entertainment's adored Monday Night Combat was released on the Xbox 360 in August as part of Microsoft's Summer of Arcade promotion. A class-based stylized shooter, the title draws many parallels to Valve's Team Fortress 2. In January, the two will get even closer.

Uber Entertainment sent word today that Monday Night Combat will arrive on the PC via Steam on January 17. When it arrives, it will sport feature parity with its console cousin but will also boast features exclusive to the PC version.

Clap if you love headshots.
Clap if you love headshots.

Dedicated servers, Steam achievements, controller support, "editor support," and unannounced "new features" will come bundled with the Steam edition of Monday Night Combat.

Further, a beta for the Steam version kicks off on Thursday, December 16. To enlist in the sampler experience, gamers must prepurchase the title via the Steam virtual storefront.

For more on Monday Night Combat, check out GameSpot's review of the Xbox 360 version.

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