Monday Check-In: Something Wicked

As you may know, our Monday check-in will remind you of what happened last week and we'll share what to expect this week!


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Last week, we shared some GameSpotter blogs, videos, and reviews. We also shared the big unveil of our first episode of The Controller. We got pumped for BlizzCon 2011 and teased you with some news about what GameSpot has planned for Halloween.

Forum Forecast

GameSpot Gaming Forecast: October 24 to 27: We can expect a high chance of new game reviews with a slight chance of awesomeness as the GameSpot office is bombarded with dozens of new titles. In other news, the onslaught of new releases is sure to cause System Wars Forums to flood with awesome topics.

What's Happening!

- 10:00 a.m. Now Playing, Lord of the Rings: WitN Replay
Earlier in the day, we had a Now Playing for Lord of the Rings: War in the North where we answered many of the burning questions from Twitter and the chat room. To check out what happened, click this link here.

- Oct 25, 2011: BF3 Launch With Mrs Violence in the House
Tonight, GameSpot will be attending the Battlefield 3 launch event, but we decided we needed a little company, so Mrs Violence (MLG pro gamer and contestant from "The Controller") will be joining us for the launch of Battlefield 3. Be sure to stop by later tonight for some awesome BF3 action.

- The Controller Leaderboard Sign-Up and Predictions Board!
We've got some awesome activities planned for "The Controller," including a Predictions Leaderboard. The goal? To predict which team will be eliminated during the episodes for the next few weeks. Currently, we are predicting who will be eliminated for Episode 2 so you'll want to make your prediction in the board before October 28 at 10:30 a.m. PT. You'll also be eligible for some exclusive emblem action every week, so get in the game and feel in control!

Socialize Create and Celebrate!

Pumpkin Carving Contest
It's time to put your skills to work for our first annual GameSpot pumpkin carving contest. Big, small, lumpy, and round pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes; a perfect canvas for any aspiring sculptor. GameSpot wants to see your best pumpkin, and as an added bonus, if you submit your entry before Wednesday October 26 by 5:00 p.m. PT, you might just see your pumpkin during our broadcast of On the Spot. For more information, check out our Competitions and Activities page here.

Fuse Storytelling
It's time for a story time round table, where you Fusers continue the story to create something big and awesome. Start following GS-Community and continue on the community post made earlier this week. We will be posting the stories results in the Blog Bunker for November 2. To add to a story, click on this link here. For rules and details on this activity, follow this link.

Blog: 2011 Top 10 Spookiest Villain Blog Activity
They're big, they're bad, and they're often ugly. That's right, I'm talking about video game villains. Whether they are large, vicious, or just plain nasty, video games are filled with them. And in honor of Halloween, GameSpot wants you GameSpotters to tell us about these creepy characters. We're encouraging all you avid bloggers to tell us about your top 10 Spookiest Video Game Villains. For more details, click this link here.

Union Halloween-Themed Logo Contest
We want to see your union banners looking their best for the upcoming holidays, and with Halloween around the corner, we want to see your unions in a Halloween theme. What would a Halloween theme even look like? You can find some direction at this page here.

More Spook-tacular Content to Come
On All Hallows' Eve, you can expect to see two time sensitive activities in both Off Topic and System Wars. One is a trick-or-treating-inspired versus activity, while the other is a scavenger hunt with a bit of a twist to make it appropriate for Off Topic.

Big Shot Costume Contest
Big Mama is giving away some fantastic Final Fantasy collectable figures for those who wish to show off their cosplay skills on our GameSpot YouTube channel.

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