Monday Check-In: A Brave New World

As you may know, our Monday check-in reminds you of what happened last week and shares what to expect this week!


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The Recap

Are you curious about what happened last week? There was quite a bit going on, with another Union of the Week chosen, as well as the Member Spotlight. Check out the weekly wrap-up to find out more!

What to Expect!

- MLG Orlando Coverage
Who said so? Why a little bird told us so! While we can't reveal too many details just yet, the GameSpot video crew will head out to Florida later this week. We'll share more details about our Major League Gaming coverage in this Friday's Weekly Wrap-Up!

- Game Developers Conference Online
Giddy-up there GameSpotters! From October 10 to 13 in the Lone Star State, GDC Austin will be happening, and we're already off to an exciting start with some interesting points of view from Atari founder Nolan Bushnell. We will also be streaming the Online Awards on Wednesday the October 12 at 4:30 p.m. PT. So saddle up; we'll be bringing ya'll more interesting tidbits from GDCA in the coming days.

- Return of the Union of the Year Awards
With all the chirping going on in the office about secret plans and teasers, we have one additional note to mention: the return of the Union of the Year Awards. Details are still super top secret, but the good news is it IS happening. Those unions that have been featured as a Union of the Week are currently in the running for the award and there are still a few slots open. Be sure to visit the Council of Unions to make your case about your union's greatness for your chance to be featured as the Union of the Week and a chance at Union of the Year!


Battlefield 3: The Russian
The book is a few mere days away from making its way to store shelves, and we want to see what your cover art would look like for this Battlefield 3 novel. Take a glance at the first few chapters and combine it with your knowledge of the series to create the perfect cover art.
For more information on the activity, check out this activity thread here.

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@-Saigo- I agree with you 100%. MLG is a stain in the world of video gaming.

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Look forward to the union awards!

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GDC already? Crazy. And is it just me or does anyone else think Major League Gaming is a joke?

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I'm curious, are you guys going to start talking about 'The Art of Video Game' Exhibit that's coming to the Smithsonian this March: << LINK REMOVED >>

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Wish all the unions out there best of luck for the award ceremony.

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Man is it that time already? Time sure flies when you're having fun.

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So much stuff to keep up with... I totally forgot about the GDC too.

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GDC looks interesting, though the link for it leads to this same page :P