Molyneux pondering three more Fables

Lionhead chief planning extension of the Xbox 360 series, as well as possible sports, driving games.


Fable II was one of the more notable games on show at the E3 Media & Business Summit this year. The game, which has taken 150 staff three years to develop, is almost ready to see the light of day, according to Lionhead chief Peter Molyneux.

Talking to GameTrailers, Molyneux divulged that Fable II, due for UK release on October 17 (October 21 in North America), will not be the end for the Xbox 360 series. "We've got plans for Fable III, IV, and V, actually... It's a big story arc, and you can see that if you've played Fable II you'll recognise things from Fable."

Molyneux also hinted at what else may be in the pipeline for the Surrey-based outfit. "There is another project at Lionhead that we've been working on for quite some time. It's kind of the result of an experiment that went incredibly well, and we thought 'This has got to be a game,' and I can't say anything about it at all."

Although the industry heavyweight left details on that particular project rather thin, he hinted that a sports or driving game may also be in the works. "I've always been fascinated by challenges, and I've always said to myself 'Well, one day I really should do a sports game.' It's just simply because, you know, it seems such a genre which is just locked in stone... 'We know how we do sports games, we don't do them any other way,' and that is a real challenge to me. Same with things like driving games. I think those sort of games...what I want for a game that I do next is a really big challenge."

When contacted today, a spokesperson for Lionhead Studios declined to add further comments to Molyneux's statement. For more on Fable II, see our previous coverage.

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