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Molyneux: HoloLens Is More Exciting Than VR, But What's the Killer App?

"The applications that we think are going to be great on it quite often are exhausting or very challenging."

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Fable creator Peter Molyneux thinks that Microsoft's recently announced HoloLens augmented reality is potentially more interesting than Oculus Rift and virtual reality, but that it faces many of the same challenges.

"I think [HoloLens], for me, more exciting than even VR but it shares a similar problem as VR does and that is: what is the application going to be?" Molyneux told in an interview. "This is the problem with VR - the applications that we think are going to be great on it quite often are exhausting or very challenging. My hope is that their concept video doesn't over promise what the technology can deliver."

Back in June 2014, President of worldwide studios at Oculus VR Jason Rubin described the challenges Oculus Rift faces similarly. "I believe VR's Angry Birds is going to take a few years to find," he said. "But there's plenty of fun (and success) to be had along the way."

Keep in mind that Molyneux's comments are also based on an early versions of HoloLens' tech that he tested over two years ago.

On Wednesday during a Windows 10 event, Microsoft officially announced a future-focused augmented reality platform called "Windows Holographic." Its overall aim is to blend your digital life with the real world.

For more on HoloLens, which Microsoft says is different than the Oculus Rift and Sony's Morpheus, read our coverage of the reveal announcement.

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