Mojang's Cobalt coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One

New action game from Oxeye Game Studio and published by Minecraft developer launching on Xbox platform.


Microsoft executive Phil Spencer announced today during the company's Gamescom press briefing that Oxeye Game Studio's action platformer Cobalt is coming to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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The game is published by Minecraft developer Mojang. No release or pricing information was provided.

Cobalt was announced in 2011 and is currently available via the game's website through a paid beta.

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The old saying "The meek will inherit the Earth" was actually predicting that the upcoming gen would be dominated by 2D platform games :P

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Jerry Seinfeld: "What's the deal with paid betas? If I go into a bakery and they ask me to pay for a lump of dough I say 'Leave that thing in the oven for a few more hours, then we'll talk!'"

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Didn't really see enough of it to make much of a judgement. I mean, it looks neat but I'll wait until we see more first.

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More games for Xbox One. Bias fanboys can eat their "Xbox One no games" BS.

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@blackace x box one solid controler solid games solid dedicated servers solid preordered at best buy with three year warrenty check im ready

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Its funny this is going to be exclusive to Mac pc and xbox better news is octodad could go to xbox one now as well since the developer said they are interested in xbox one because of change in there policy over self publishing

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More games is always good.

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More xbox one news

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That is a pretty unique exclusive for sure. After selling 5 million copies of Minecraft on 360 I can see why he's a little loyal.

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@immortality20 it's nto exclusive it's coming on pc and mac

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@wexorian @immortality20 Console exclusive... its a thing.

For people who don't own an Xbox or a Mac... this is exclusive. And that's a lot of people.

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i wanted to play this pixel game

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Now this is next gen!!!

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The Mojang game nobody cares about or wants to play, I have looked at screenshots and gameplay videos, but it's simply not very good or interesting, or anything really.

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@MrDouglas Well, Xbox also has the Mojang game everyone does care about, to be fair.

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@artour2198 It means its exclusive on XONE and not PS4.