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ModNation Racers drifts to PSP

Portable version of United Front Games' customizable PS3 racer will be based on Wipeout engine; set for spring launch alongside its console cousin.


The ModNation has annexed some new territory. Sony today revealed its upcoming PlayStation 3 game ModNation Racers will also arrive on the PSP.

It's like Days of Thunder all over again.
It's like Days of Thunder all over again.

As with the console edition, ModNation Racers on the PSP will combine kart racing with the customizable focus of Sony's Little Big Planet franchise. In addition to creating drivers and karts using a bevy of unlocked bits and pieces, players will be able to create their own tracks from scratch. Users will also be able to upload and share their customized content with the rest of the world.

The handheld version of ModNation Racers will include a single-player story mode that has players run a gauntlet of races with the occasional "boss" opponent thrown in. For multiplayer action, gamers will be able to play locally or online in races for up to six players. All of the PS3's multiplayer match types will be included, in addition to a PSP-exclusive mode.

Sony has entrusted the development duties for the handheld edition to its San Diego studio, with guidance from PS3 ModNation creator United Front Games. The San Diego crew also received an assist from Sony Liverpool, as it is building the PSP ModNation game on a tweaked version of the Liverpudlian engine developed for the portable Wipeout games.

Both the PS3 and PSP versions of ModNation Racers are set to launch this spring. For more on the portable version, check out GameSpot's exclusive first look at the title.

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