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Modified Saints Row IV classified MA15+ in Australia

Publisher Deep Silver submits edited version of Saints Row IV to Australian Classification Board; game granted MA15+ rating.


Following the Refused Classification rating given to Saints Row IV in Australia twice, local distributor All Interactive Entertainment has confirmed that a modified version of the game has now been classified MA15+, enabling it to be sold in the country.

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The MA15+ version of the game will see an optional drug-themed mission removed to comply with Australian legislation.

The mission in question is described by Deep Silver as representing "approximately 20 minutes of gameplay" and concerns the use of "alien narcotics to obtain certain superpowers." Its removal will allegedly not impact the game's story.

According to the board's report, the original version of the game included an "insufficient delineation between the 'alien narcotic' available in the game and real-world proscribed drugs. The board notes that the label 'narcotics' is commonly assigned to describe a class of real-world drugs that include such proscribed substances as cocaine and heroin…this game therefore contains drug use related to incentives and rewards, and should be refused classification."

The "anal probe weapon," which was listed as part of the reason why the game was initially refused classification in Australia for implied sexual violence, will not be part of the retail release of the game. An AIE representative confirmed to GameSpot that the weapon will be offered as part of a future DLC pack.

Saints Row IV will be released in Australia on August 22.

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