Modern Warfare 4 in 2013?

Source says Activision continuing Modern Warfare story with new entry next year.


It does not take a seasoned industry watcher to predict that Activision will make a new Call of Duty game in 2013, but first details on this project have come to light. Siliconera has heard from a source that next year's Call of Duty will be a continuation of the Modern Warfare series.

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The main character of this unannounced title is a "battle-hardened veteran in his mid-thirties with a nihilistic point of view," the source says, and voice-overs for the game are currently under way in Los Angeles, California.

This news follows a report from last month, when voice actor Bill Murray (Captain Price) reportedly confirmed Modern Warfare 4. Murray later denied having said anything on the matter, and Infinity Ward called the report "speculation."

An Activision representative was not immediately available for comment.

The Modern Warfare story arc began in 2007 with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Sequels Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 were released in 2009 and 2011, respectively.

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How about they just make a new game that is not call of duty. Maybe a skilled group of people should make a sniper game because all of the other sniper games suck. Maybe go to a new world or make an RPG. I feel bad for Infinity ward and activision, very skilled at making video games but they dont put their efforts towards the right causes.


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OMG!!Activision,WHAT THE F@CK! Why?This thing is getting me more and more tired!I mean with Black Ops II you were in year 2025-correct me if i'm wrong.Now,in what year the game will be part of,2060?Please,stop making more of this sh!t!Sorry for my bad language,but this was my reaction when i first heard about this!More money getting waste every 2 freaking years!

Avatar image for VETERANOS997

i hope it will have much better graphics

Avatar image for netter99

@VETERANOS997 well it wont because its cod and its the same every time.

Avatar image for VETERANOS997

@netter99 @VETERANOS997 hahahaha yeah i just hope if they will make better graphics for this game but propably not

Avatar image for sharpshooter188

I pray they have bots. I love playing modern warfare multiplayer but after the community moves on, I'm stuck with the ass campaign.

Avatar image for Private_Pyle

Wow, didn't see that coming.

Avatar image for JustInTime09

You know what, I'm tired of hearing people complain about how the Modern Warfare's are too story based, well no duh. That is what the Modern Warfare series is all about. If you dont like it dont play it. Simple as that. Black Ops 2 sucked completely, Modern Warfare 3 wasnt that great either. I stopped playing after Black Ops. Why cant we go back to World at War, probably the best COD. The COD series is going to fall apart soon. They will have nothing to make a game about. Personally, I think Battlefield is now going to be the leader ahead of Call of Duty because you get a full experience of a good campaign and excellent multiplayer. And no I'm not trying to be a Battlefield fan boy or COD fan boy, I have played both and am just saying my opinion.

Avatar image for netter99

@JustInTime09 campaign was horrible for battlefield but the multiplayer is leaps and bounds above COD

Avatar image for daconehead

@JustInTime09 Pfft Battlefield does not have a good campaign XD

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Thats exactly my point. As long as CoD remains popular they will continue to roll it out, and why should'nt they.

Avatar image for cantnj690

@thenephariouson @Imperiacommando

While they have made a lot of Marios and Resident Evils etc, those games tend to be single player in nature; new installments are required in those particular series' because you can only play the same campaign so many times. Whereas the COD series releases a new game every single year that sees the bulk of its gameplay online. And what we have seen from both Infinity and Treyarch is a complete unwillingness to deviate from the existing formula. As such, the series has developed a been there done that feel...

Also, compared to the rest of the first-person military shooters out there, COD still offers the most exciting online experience. Thus, everyone continues to play COD, and as a result, Activision continues to spit more games out. As long as there are no other viable first-person shooters out there to replace COD, were going to continue to get more and more or the same.

In a sense, we as consumers are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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When will the torture end?

Avatar image for hailthorn

@brynhyfryd Why is it torture?

Avatar image for netter99

@hailthorn @brynhyfryd hahaha u make me laugh at ur silly comment

Avatar image for hailthorn

@netter99 @hailthorn @brynhyfryd It was a question. Your lack of English skills make me laugh, though. Have a nice day. :)

Avatar image for thenephariouson

Im not a CoD fan by any means, but what i dont understand is:

Given that there have been over 100 Mario games, 13+ Final Fantasy Games, around 19 Pokemon games and around 12 resident evil games, why so much hate focused on the amount of CoD games?

Is it not simply a case of 'Supply & Demand', whereby the demand in the case of CoD is obviously very high?

Like i said, its not my 'Cup of Tea', i just dont understand all the hate.

Avatar image for netter99

@thenephariouson People want new mario games and pokemon games, people dont really want new COD games they just expect it to be better than the last one and it ends up being not a good game.

Avatar image for hailthorn

@netter99 @thenephariouson If the last one is never as good, why do people keep buying the games? By this logic, people would have given up a long time ago, no?

Avatar image for PooyaOstadpour

Actually alex33x, there's a 2 year gap between each sequel! There's no need waiting 5 or more years for a game, OK I really appreciate what Bioshock and GTA do to their product, but when people buy this game after aaaaall these bad ratings and furious comments like yours, it means that we may have to respect gamers opinion and choice. What they produce is really a polished product, much much more polished in single player than what BF3 did after 7 years or so.

Avatar image for netter99

@PooyaOstadpour Doesnt Dice make the multiplayer and EA makes the singleplayer, i feel like thats what they do.

Avatar image for alex33x

Don't people get tired of the same reskinned manufactured first person shooters? They are overplayed, theres hundreds of them, and the same franchises released every single year.Don you get it you are just cash cows, falling into a loop. Do you want quality games? Stop buying this garbage every single year. Look at other decent comapnies it takes a few years between sequels, they are the ones actually puttin in the work and trying to deliver a polished product.

Avatar image for DeltaMike90

Yeah, real surprise...

I really miss the old CoD games. The modern warfare games have been ridiculously story based. In the old games there wasn't really much story, except historical background. I wish they could have just said "Hey! WW3!" and given us some battles, with no stupid quicktime events and 20+ hours gameplay.

Avatar image for thebiggunner

I love how there is a question mark at the end of the title of the article as if the author thinks he might be wrong.

Avatar image for Rovelius


Avatar image for spyder12tj

All I am wishing is that they need to change it to something else.

Avatar image for bmart970

Of course there will be another CoD, but please, please, PLEASE don't make another modern warfare. People are tired of the same thing over and over.

Avatar image for spencdiamonds

@bmart970 should't it be please dont make another CoD? people are tired of the same thing over and over = CoD

Avatar image for hailthorn

@spencdiamonds @bmart970 And yet it has broken sales records how many times now? Interesting.

Avatar image for Bangerman15


Avatar image for berzerk0912

and Modern Warfare 5 in 2015. betcha you didn't see that one coming.

Avatar image for gamefreak215jd

@berzerk0912 You mean 2014 ...unless..BO3 in 2014.

Avatar image for SuperSaiyan_187

We don't need Nostradamus to predict that there will be another COD.

Avatar image for hailthorn

@SuperSaiyan_187 Just like we don't need Nostradamus to predict there will be another Mario, Elder Scrolls, Pokemon, Assassin's Creed, Halo, Madden, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest., ect.

Avatar image for jets78

hey guys i have an idea what about a game called zombie warfare were in the multiplayer games it can be one team vs another and not only do you look to kill your enemy now you have to watch out for the attacking zombiez as well. they should expand the zobies mode and add it into the entire multiplayer efven in the story mode have the zombies take over the earth and have a squed of mw soldiers fight to get the earrth back sounds awsome .

Avatar image for Henrique2324

@jets78 I think even shitty CoD should be spared of that.

Avatar image for jets78

i just notic3ed that in black ops 2 you can play kill confirm which was supposed to be only for mw series now they are sharing it with black ops game i just dont get it. i was wondering why black ops 2 feels alot like mw series because it is just with worse graphics.

Avatar image for FireWyvern4000

Do you really need an article telling people that the next CoD game is MW4?

Modern Warfare, WaW, MW2, BLOPs, MW3, BLOPs every year, alternated between two devs.

Kind of obvious.

Avatar image for slipgraeme

They need to change it to something else, reinvent it, i enjoyed singleplayer for the trilogy and it ended ok but they need fresh ideas, maybe a fall out period after a nuclear apocalypse or sometime in the past when the chinese started using gun powder?! like the ming dynasty period....yea i know these ideas are whack but just something differant!!..

Avatar image for shadow580

They killed off a too important character for me. I don't think I'll continue the MW series any more. The multiplayer in MW3 wasn't that impressive anyway. I noticed kill confirmed but that was about it and I didn't find it particularly outstanding either.

Avatar image for gamefreak215jd

Now there really is a reason to get tired even for the fans.

Avatar image for Robertle419

The one thing that bugs me is how does these COD games have still have high review score

Avatar image for SoulsofDark

@Robertle419 blops 2 got a 8. which is showing that the scores are going down.

Avatar image for SythisTaru

Do you guys realize that this means no new consoles until 2014? (Yes, activision does have that much influence)

Avatar image for Agret

@SythisTaru Huh, where do you get conclusion that from?

Avatar image for 4-Legged-Shark

So this will be Call of Duty 4:...4.

Avatar image for mischiefmeerkat

Modern warfare 4...5...6...7...8...9....

Is this all they know how to do?

Avatar image for Shredwolf

I'll be more surprised if they get rid of multiplayer. Wait they can't since campaign is nothing special and multiplayer is probably the one that Activision gets pennies from.

Avatar image for gzimmer77

surprised it takes them 2 years to make a mod...

Avatar image for zinoalex

I can't wai t for MW7. Taking a cue from Twilight Princess Sony plans to relaese it for the PS4 and also the PS5 which will offer supprt for the new virtual reality simulator (an extra $349-4 ft x 4ft) .In it you learn about Soap's son.