Modern Warfare 3 update adds Community Playlists, new mode

Activision opening up popular Call of Duty private matches to public; Drop Zone match type lands; Hardcore modes tweaked to counter team killing.


Activision Blizzard hasn't offered a specific time for when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's first batch of downloadable content will hit. However, the publisher has provided word on the game's next title update, announcing that as of today, gamers answering the call of duty will find updated playlists as well as new and updated game modes in Modern Warfare 3.

Drop Zone lands today.
Drop Zone lands today.

Community Playlists are the most prominent change made to Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer. This feature allows Infinity Ward to take popular private match modes and make them available for public play.

Modern Warfare 3's new mode is titled Drop Zone, and it sees players rushing to secure an area in an effort to accumulate 7,500 points. As an added wrinkle, a care package lands in the drop zone every 15 seconds, and whichever team controls the area gets control over the bonus--so long as it isn't stolen. The mode sees all point streaks disabled.

As for tweaks made to existing playlists, Infinity Ward has added Hardcore Headquarters to the Hardcore Team Tactical playlist. The studio has also said that it is implementing Ricochet rules to all Hardcore modes to counter team killing. Ricochet rules dictate that friendly fire damages the attacking player, not the victim.

For more on Modern Warfare 3, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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@LpcWarrior I know, i was just joking around. I guess it wasnt a good joke, :D

Avatar image for parrot_of_adun

@gameking5000 Well, an abstraction, of sorts. This new one is much more like the original idea for KotH.

Avatar image for luneth77

Why did they have to add the worst private match game type? Drop zone is a fail in my opinion, all the others are worth playing though.

Avatar image for gameking5000

@parrot_of_adun Isn't Domination KOTH?

Avatar image for Darkflare_EX

Drop Zone is all right, but it's too chaotic for me. Maybe later they'll bring the other Private match only game modes to the public. However, I have to question the point of putting game modes in Private/Split screen only instead of making them public in the first place.

Avatar image for whitetiger3521

A care package every 15 seconds!?! I don't see matches ending up very well for people who can't get the drop zone controlled!

Avatar image for LpcWarrior

@x_hunter00 They added Hardcore Headquarters to the HC TEAM TACTICAL playlist. I think grobel (and me) wanted a whole seperate HC headquarters playlist.

Avatar image for Ultimate39

@StingrayX5 They aren't adding anything new really, just making game modes like OITC and Infected "public," and adding a new mode. Its a title update, and they can't charge for it.

Avatar image for x_hunter00

@Grobel- Maybe you skipped over it in the article but Hardcore HQ has been added to the game, enjoy buddy :D @djforlife84 I see your not that intelligent because drop zone wasn't left off the disc, it was already there since launch as a private match mode. Next time think before you state something blatantly wrong.

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@Infinity_Gauntl i'm a registered nurse, so no more school for me

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@jcbullen Oh yeah I forgot that most people don't give a **** about piss poor textures and that some how the sub par 360 looks a lot better. Sorry didn't mean to offend the blind.

Avatar image for jcbullen

@Frosty192 You already asked that and nobody cared.

Avatar image for Frosty192

Where is PS3's hd textures?

Avatar image for StingrayX5

I'm surprised this added content isn't the typical $15...maybe the next map packs will be $20 to compensate for their greedy asses.

Avatar image for Bioshockraptor

@TWayne1020... this is free

Avatar image for parrot_of_adun

So thy finally they finally included some sort of KotH gametype... Took 'em long enough.

Avatar image for lad237

why are people comparing this to back to karkand? its not DLC. idiots.

Avatar image for d_uu_b

Hardcore Team Death match Ricochet has a SERIOUS Problem with NOT Showing Your TEAMMATES NAMETAG!!!! I have seen the nametag disappear on a teammate so they look JUST LIKE THE ENEMY!!! I have had more teamkills/ ricochet in 3 days since this fix than in months of normal play. They do a really bad job on team identification!!!!!

Avatar image for Suikogaiden

I dont care, I keep spawning right into sombodey's crosshairs fix that one.

Avatar image for Gravity_Slave

woopdi-doo, drop zone. Where's the Hardcore mode support?! Where's the respawn fix? This is why I went back to BF3.

Avatar image for jonnybutler11

i'm willing to bet 15 bucks that they just left the game modes out on launch date to give themselves a good image over the holidays… and guess what i wouldn't be doing with that 15bucks? not buying cod dlc!

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delivering free updates? if they continue doing that i guess i 'll be playing more than i planned! :D

Avatar image for floridadragon67

Lope the Sp, but the MP is lacking. As for the new changes, hate them. It's fine that at least you now don't get a death added to you becasue you were tk'd (intentional or not), but now these idiots just keep running in front of you on purpose trying to block you all the time which makes you take damage and gets you killed. Pretty stupid, especially when you tell you teammates not to move because you are calling in an airstrike or a bomber and then they move to where you are dropping it. And the hackers are more rampant than ever. Fix what's really wrong and give us good maps, a way to boot hackers, and bigger maps that support at least 24 people. And try to charge us for it.

Avatar image for matok1

I enjoyed the vet & noob trash talk

Avatar image for TWayne1020

What,s next ??? Pay for each mission at a time ???? Oh no , better not give the greety bas$%#@ any more ideas !!!

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Blablabla cry me a river nancy haters. Ok addition, nothing special, really.

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@jorgeabk : Though I agree it is ridiculous to judge or insult someone just because of what games they play (though I do consider anyone that pays $50 for dlc which they have no idea what is is to be gullible and in blind-support...but that is nearly fact..not opinion).But you are doing your cause no favor by putting people down in the same sentence you tell them not to put people down.

Avatar image for djforlife84

btw, I never bought this game since Robert Bowling is a effing liar. yeeeep

Avatar image for djforlife84

free? wtf is everyone smoking? they obviously left this off the disk at launch in order to make themselves look good over the holiday season. lol

Avatar image for moviequest14

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for original_elite

guys save your money don't buy this crap. the campaign was great but the multiplayer was sh1t. i can't believe i wasted my $60 on this. don't buy this game you'll regret it.

Avatar image for Grobel-

How about getting Hardcore HQ Pro again in the game

Avatar image for some_guy05

how about you make the split screen modes available to the public. Like jugs, gun game, one in the chamber and sh|t like that. They are only available on split screen and private matches

Avatar image for djpetitte

nothing is for free when it comes to cod. you've all been paying out your ass for the past 5 years or ur parents have.

Avatar image for dkdk999

hmmm should I get this game ? I don't know.

Avatar image for IAm_PUFF_FearMe

@Darnasian This is hardly a dlc, and doesn't even come close to back to karkand. But still I am astounded that Activision is giving its customers something for free, and I'm glad to hear it.

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

This doesn't seem like BF3 conquest so much as it seems like Annex from Gears. That was a cool mode, but I could only see it working in smaller matches with fewer players. If you made a gamemode like that on BF3 with something like 64 players... well, I won't say it wouldn't be sweet, but it would be pure, incoherent insanity.

Avatar image for dreamfist11

You can't seriously think this "title update" is better than Back to Karkand

Avatar image for dreamfist11

A new mode called drop zone?? Sounds like a mimicry of Conquest mode on BF3

Avatar image for X_Colbert_X

Title Update =/= DLC They aren't allowed to charge for title updates.

Avatar image for John_Read

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for CptRexKramer

Free, huh? From Activision? Amazing. Simply amazing. As far as the new implements to the hardcore mode, does that mean there is no more friendly fire? While I like the idea of punishing those that team kill, I do think they should still keep friendly fire. Accidents do happen.

Avatar image for Darnasian

Holy $h1t! This is too good to be true... MW3 just owned BF3 again... This is a response from IW to DICE for their free DLC Back to Karkand... So this competition between those 2 shooters is actually good and MW3 players now get free DLC instead of paid XD

Avatar image for Master_Turismo

Never would of thought "Free" would be in Activision's vocabulary.

Avatar image for sagameister3

Definitely surprised they're not charging for these additions. This and the free Karkand dlc for bf3 should make online more enjoyable :)

Avatar image for med12

This very good any nice additions will make the game a little better and it was really really nice that it wasn't accompanied to a DLC or whatever.

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Avatar image for safaridriver

Drop zone is FLippin sweet. I own this and BF and hands down MW wins, so for all those who read MW articles just to hate on it get a life. BF is no were as immersive and ppl just say Mw doesnt change, look in the mirror bro BF is the same as BFBC and u hate on MW. But hey sweet mode man

Avatar image for Infinity_Gauntl

@jorgeabk "stop playing less video games" --I can find no problem with your grammer. Maybe you should hit the books before you go to the gym.

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@jorgeabk Dont forget the people that are insecure with themselves they have to go onto gaming websites and put people down and call them losers.

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