Modern Warfare 3-themed Xbox 360 hits Nov. 8

Call of Duty $400 hardware bundle features redecorated 320GB system with custom sounds, two controllers, and a copy of Activision's newest first-person shooter.


The Kinect Star Wars Xbox 360 may have been pushed back to next year, but for gamers keen on a premium-priced, game-specific hardware bundle this holiday season, "there is another." Microsoft and Activision today announced the special-edition Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 package, featuring a 320GB version of the hardware carrying a motif inspired by the upcoming first-person shooter.

For $400, you can get a brand-new system that looks old and grizzled.
For $400, you can get a brand-new system that looks old and grizzled.

Available for Modern Warfare 3's November 8 launch, the console pack will include the redecorated Xbox 360 with two matching controllers and a copy of the game. Like the Kinect Star Wars bundle, it will also feature some custom sounds for when the system is powered on or off, and when the disc tray is ejected. The $400 bundle will also include one free month of Xbox Live Gold and exclusive items for Xbox Live avatars.

Microsoft is also releasing a pair of Modern Warfare 3-themed accessories to be sold separately. The hardware bundle controllers will be sold on their own for $60, and a Modern Warfare 3-themed Bluetooth wireless headset will also be available for $70. Both will come packed with codes for unspecified but exclusive downloads.

For more on Modern Warfare 3, check out GameSpot's ongoing coverage of the Call of Duty XP fan convention today and tomorrow.

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