Modern Warfare 3 DLC hits PS3 February 28

Call of Duty: Elite subscribers get first grab at new maps Piazza and Liberation at the end of the month; additional content to roll out through October.


PlayStation 3 gamers eager for new Modern Warfare 3 maps now have a release date to mark on their calendars. Activision today announced that the Modern Warfare 3 content season for PS3 Call of Duty: Elite premium members begins on February 28 with two new maps.

Modern Warfare 3 DLC deploys for PS3 gamers this month.
Modern Warfare 3 DLC deploys for PS3 gamers this month.

Those with a paid subscription to Call of Duty: Elite can grab two new maps--Piazza and Liberation--on February 28. This is the same content that was made available to Xbox 360 gamers last month.

Activision did not mention when the maps will be made available to all PS3 Modern Warfare 3 players. However, the publisher said the first "content collection" will arrive sometime after its Xbox 360 debut in March.

Looking ahead, PS3 Call of Duty: Elite premium members can expect new Modern Warfare 3 content to arrive through October. For a full breakdown of what to expect, and when to expect it (relative to its initial launch for the Xbox 360), check out the Modern Warfare 3 content calendar.

The Call of Duty: Elite subscription service reached the 1-million-paid-users milestone within the first month of its November launch. Elite provides players with gameplay statistics, video sharing, and clan support features for free. Those who shell out for the $50 annual subscription will also receive all downloadable content released in the year, as well as exclusive video content and other perks

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Thanks Activision, I guess I will not be getting the DLC until whenever they release it to the people that don’t want to get ripped off by becoming an Elite member. I guess they needed an extra 50million for this COD since they don’t make enough on the rest of their games. Guess it’s time to go back to my other games....

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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So basically the only DLC the COD franchise will ever produce are map packs? No new perks or weapons? Not even a new level cap of 100? Then the DLC aint really worth it?

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Who really plays MW3 multiplayer except those who have an addiction problem?

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Who would buy a map pack in October when the new one will be out the next month? :? " @DennisWZH i dont play MW3, but i find it funny how PS3 MW3 player tolerate with this kinda thing, activision clearly dont care about you so why do you still support them by buying their COD games?" Microsoft has a timed exclusivity deal with Activision that lasts through 2012. That either means that MW3 will be the last CoD title that 360 users will get maps earlier on, or that the next CoD game will be unless Microsoft renews the agreement in some way.

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Congratulations You had Bough This bullsh.. DLc and you had unlocked new achivement "Thank you for being Stuppid to buy more "

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activsion i'm MAD only 1 DLC This month???? omg screw you i want 5-6 dlc per month with old maps regenerated and each Dlc combo must cost minimum 20$

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I wasted money on this crap!? I feel so ripped-off now, considering I would spent my money on something better.

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Activision used to be such a respected company. I guess that's what money does to people. :/ They're not getting money from me anymore because of the greedy B-tards they have turned into. What a shame. Even many Xbox owners would agree.

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The maps should be free

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lol xbox paid the same price as ps3 & ps3 has to wait lol to the suckers who paid for this crap

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i own modern Warfare 3 and im not touching the DLC, matter of fact its already boring th ehell out of me and ive already gone back to playing the King, Counter Strike. Im not giving these Aholes anymore cash.

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Glad I did not buy this game. Sounds like bull crap.

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Wow. These people are paying a hefty subscription fee and what do they get for it? A month long delay for the content they paid for, just because they picked a different console. What a load of crap. Just another reason never to get anything from Activision.

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I'm angry activision still have the courage to put out new call of duty's games, map packs, dlcs..... When can we see the end of it? Anyway bf3 all the way

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i have played around 120 hours of bf3 and is still is not boring

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Gamespot, you might as well eat Shakespeare horse cake instead of this. No one all. Wait actually that would be the best article of all time. HorseShakespeareCake ftw

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@ SmashBrawlerBoy The sky is still blue when it's raining/snowing/cloudy/inside your house too. You just don't get to see the sky.

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Resorting to news about Call of Duty is a reliable way to rake in some views, as far as Eddie Makuch is concerned. Plenty of passengers still left on the Call-of-Duty-hate train - source of views. :P

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@Darkflare_EX you said and here's Mary with the weather, but you already said the sky was blue, implying it was sunny.

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I never planned on buying the DLC but this makes me sad to be a gamer. PS3 users get screwed over because MS paid to get DLC first simply to brag about it and now Sony users have to wait and wait even longer if they didn't shell out $50 for elite and they don't even mention us PC gamers. I miss the days of last gen when developers made all version of the game the same regardless of what console you got it on. Developers and publishers back then were just happy you bought their game so they put all they could into that game so you would buy it. Now its seems you have to buy the version for the publishers consoles of choice to get the most out of your game.

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@x_hunter00 You obviously never played any of those games so no one wants to hear your uneducated opinion.

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I'm so glad I didn't buy this game. TF2 will do nicely instead. Much more nicely!

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*sighhhhh*.... this game has the worst map designs i ever played for a first person shooter. maps are small, cramp, and linear, you constantly die it's not fun at all... oh and the respawn system plays a part in this too. i dont know but seeing gameplay videos of the new maps, it seems that they are still flawed in design. i feel sorry for those who will fork out cash for the game/maps... :(

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so the whole reason for me paying an extra 40 bucks and being a founder and premium to still have to wait and get it the same time people who didnt pay for it.. you got me ima sucker huzzaa never again you filthy rats.. nickel n diming.. and then you pull wool over our eyes.. im as salty as a saltine.. then ima knock you guys out like your dad did in highschool dang im pissed... least i wont have to pay for it.. but i hate waiting..

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this game got boring in like 2 weeks. what a waste of money.

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In other news, the sky is blue, water is wet and people still haven't realized that Activision made a deal with Microsoft for the 360 to get COD DLC first. Also Battlefield and Call of Duty fanboys battling it out AGAIN. Here's Mary with the weather.

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"What's different about BF3 than BF:BC2?" ...."Uhh the graphics are so much better, that new engine is awesome!"...."Ok, what else?"......."Well, uhhh, umm..." "So basically you paid $60 for what amounts to a new graphics card.......Good job."

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the good thing is that I didn't buy the "Elite" reasons are because I am not paying 50 bucks (I dont even know what the heck I have to do) and we have to wait for the DLC to release in a month which i found it not fair..

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I got MW3 on release date and I play the multiplayer every now and then, but no where near enough to buy DLC for it... to be honest I think the 16 maps on the disk is enough, especially for someone who maybe plays it once every week or two

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Because of this wait it will be the VERY LAST COD game I ever buy......there is no excuse that a PAID ELITE member should have to wait for the DL content no matter what system they are playing on. It would be different if it was not a PAID service. ALL PS3 users got SCAMMED!!!! BOYCOTT COD PS3 USERS!!!!!

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...and another cow is milked to death.

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meh . . . . . bf3 is better

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Little too late. Migration to BF3 has already happened.

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Wait, so PS3 elite players are getting 2 maps that xb360 elite players already have. So whats the point in getting elite?

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Sooo basically ps3 users were double scammed into buying elite because its not only useless but you get the same content a month later than the 360! Cod users fall for this and mw3 is really the worst mw out of all mw's!

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*insert generic "CoD sucks" comment*

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nobody cares.

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Same old, ill stick with something innovative called Battlefield 3

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good thing i wasn't suckered into buying elite... from what i saw of these two maps piazza is only decent at best.... liberation is a snipers map, a thing i would have enjoyed if it was black ops. but seeing as all these damn quickscopers have been getting used to close combat situations they'll feel right at home, and i'll rage quit lol but i still have time to ponder if i want to buy these 'content collections' around april

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Same old, same old...

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Arma 3 all the way.

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out of all BF3 is the best and I hate 1st person shooters !

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BF3 all the way baby.

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people are actually playing mw3 when bf3 is out ? wow

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i dont play MW3, but i find it funny how PS3 MW3 player tolerate with this kinda thing, activision clearly dont care about you so why do you still support them by buying their COD games?