Modern Warfare 2 map pack due spring 2010

Activision, Monster Energy promotional material confirms add-on for anticipated military shooter will arrive for PS3, 360 next year.


The fuel that will keep Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer running.
The fuel that will keep Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer running.

Activision Blizzard certainly knows a thing or two about hauling in cash, as evidenced by the publisher's billion-dollar April-June quarter. In a post-earnings call, Activision Publishing president and CEO Mike Griffith tipped off investors and analysts as to how it plans to extend Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's sales beyond the game's rapidly approaching November 10 release, saying that the game will get a pair of map packs post-launch.

Today, Activision revealed the time frame for one of those map packs, as part of a giveaway for Modern Warfare 2-branded Monster Energy drinks that will go on sale in October. As part of a set of promotional materials provided to various media outlets, the Monster Energy packaging notes that 5,000 winners will be offered a free Modern Warfare 2 map pack, which has a "planned release" in spring 2010.

Activision declined to offer more information on the giveaway and would not comment on whether the spring 2010 map pack would be the first available for Modern Warfare 2. The Monster Energy prize opportunity also includes 100 copies of the game and 10,000 Modern Warfare 2 dashboard themes for the Xbox 360 and PS3, as well as a free can of Monster Energy drink.

Not even drinks are immune to the Modern Warfare 2 hype juggernaut.
Not even drinks are immune to the Modern Warfare 2 hype juggernaut.

The publisher has already enjoyed significant success with downloadable map packs for Call of Duty. In July, Activision said that the first two map packs for its most recent installment in the franchise, the 11-million-unit-selling World at War, have achieved combined sales of 4 million units. A third World at War map pack went on sale in August.

For more information, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of Modern Warfare 2.

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The online multiplayer mode of Modern Warfare 2 has the same experience points and unlockable reward system as that of << LINK REMOVED >> multiplayer. Activision announced Call of Duty Elite will be fully integrated into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and allows tracking and comparing statistics with other MW3 players.

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are they only making the map pack for the 360?

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If your worried about having to buy 2000mxp for the map pack which is 1200mxp just go to your local game and buy the mw2 1200 points card only £10! did it today! gettin map pack on monday

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nice. but if i kno call f duty, the packs will probly cost a buncha mc points T-T

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@tristanpt27 Chopr gunr's way betr thn AC-130. Ac-130's sooo short, chopr gunr's way longer and is 1-2 hit kill

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unless on hardcore cuz friendly fire

Avatar image for tristanpt27

if you have ac130 on rust your set

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i won the monster context and you get a choice which platform, i was stupid at the time and got the ps3 versino when i bought the 360 version of the game a few weeks later

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its out first on 360 and released later on ps3 according to joystiq

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I thought this DLC was exclusive for a while on Xbox 360. Now I can get for PS3 =).

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*Prediction for the future* Some crazy gamer will die of a heart attack while playing CoD:MW2 without sleep for days and drinking Monster energy drinks. The family will Sue both Activision and Monster in an attempt to make money from their loss. We will sigh, laugh and question why these silly lawsuits occur... You know I'm right :)

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Hey I'm one of the 5,000 who won 2nd place prize. I was able to choose between 360 or PS3 version of the map pack. The only thing is, I didn't get to talk to any friends since I was at work at the time I won it, so I picked it for the PS3 thinking I would give those friends some playtime with the new game but regret choosing that version and will be getting the 360 version of the game, so I'm not sure what I will do with my free redemtion code for the PS3 versino of the game, maybe I'll get that version too, so I can play with those friends lol who knows, its going to be epic though w00t!

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monster tastes really bad

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@Jared2013 - Yes.

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wel i could care lestt i have like 5,500 points

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I'm not a fan of that, that means I have to spend more money on the game to play with people on those maps... I'll probably be a sucker and get them anyway, but that still ain't right.

Avatar image for Jared2013

Quit complaining. Is it really so hard to set away thirty dollars from Christmas?

Avatar image for Gamma_Fit

Great!!! More good news.

Avatar image for Col-Struckin

i don't care as long as they are not as bad as the horrific maps that came out with CODWAW. That was what made that game really really bad.

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I don't understand why everyone complains about something that is they are not going to change, and in fact, DLC will become more prevalent in the future. It is a proven money-maker for the industry. Bottom line, the game will be awesome. I will pay $80 for the hardened edition and I will get both map packs. I have no choice of what to pay and I have no say in what they set the prices at. If I want the goods, I have to pay. What would you do if it were learned that the maps have already been completed? Would you not buy the game because you would feel that you were being ripped off? No. You would buy the game anyways because you know you would be missing out.

Avatar image for aaronfilmltd

@Ho1den Caufield No, you're right, it isn't feasible to complete a map pack in a month. I got that. But that definitely won't change the fact that the two map packs alone for this game will make you pay 80 bucks total on this game rather than the regular 60, and that's if you aren't blowing more cash on a collector's edition. You wanted me to be more exact with costs, so there you go. And how do you know IW hasn't got the time to finish the maps? How do you know they haven't already finished them and they're just waiting to throw them out for download? Do you work for them? No, you don't, so there's no way of knowing. awarriorg makes a good point. I respect IW as much as anyone here, and I'm looking forward to be able to play the game, but don't sit there and say "oh no guyz IW would never do such a thing, theyre the nicest, most hardworking company in the industry!!!!1!," because it's not true. It doesn't matter how respectable or hardworking a company is, a business is a business. Period. And if a company can hold on to a few maps to make thousands more dollars in sales, you'd better believe they'll do it.

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Go to to see weapons and MORE!!!!! SPREAD THE WORD

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@Ho1den_Caufield Thats good for you, I was expressing my opinion, gamespot gave us a voice for a reason

Avatar image for Ho1den_Caufield

@bigcrusha, Did I not just say that?

Avatar image for Ho1den_Caufield

No, I am not mad about it and I dont care if you get the DLC or not. All I am saying is it is not feasible to come up with new maps in the short amount of time till release date.

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@Gamespot I think we're gonna need some emotion icons.

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@ Ho1den Caufield Whoa?! Take it easy Japanesee. No need to get mad about it. Don't you know how to sense a little humor from words. Reread my post if you have to. My Lord, someone is very rownry. CoD: MW2 rules! LOL!!! I'm going to buy all the DLC, then when the GoTY Edition comes out I'm getting that too. LOL!!! There, you happy now. It is what you wanted to hear...right?!

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@bigcrusha You've thrown down some good words bigcrusha. It takes time to make a great map pack.

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@awarriorg lol EZ, were all impatient over this sick game! But lets get real, there is absolutely no way Infinity Wardcould design an addition worthy map pac within a timespan of one month man, modeling the map as well as designing and glitch testing, oh not to mention making an alpha and beta test for their test team to try and give recomendations on changes, that process already takes beyond a month to do Lets not forget that the mass production of game copies is already under works, they can include the new maps but that would mean a game relase delay, and nobody likes a game delay. Im sure the game is going to be amazing enough at launch, the new maps in the future is just to keep us playing.

Avatar image for Ho1den_Caufield

Aside from all this, how would you even know they are new maps? You havent even played and got sick of the old maps yet. The addition of new maps is inevitable. If they had not announced when to expect new maps, you wouldn't even be complaining now, hell you wouldn't even complain when they come out with new maps, you would be," Yay! New maps!" and the thought of why these weren't in the release of the game would never have crossed your mind. So in conclusion, please think about what you are saying before you post, and think thoroughly about your opinions.

Avatar image for Ho1den_Caufield

To awarriorg, even if they somehow manage to build the new maps that they dont even have designs for and put them in the game, then they would have to work on those maps literally 24/7 to even get anywhere close to finished. Why, well lets look at the time frame we have: 1. It is 35 days till the release of MW2 2. If they somehow manage to get those maps done in 3 weeks for something that usually takes a month or more under normal working hours, they still need time to debug them and get rid of any under the map/out of the map, etc glitches (Something WaW failed at). Lets say they somehow manage to debug them in a record time of a week, thats already 28 days gone, now they need to show the distributors a final product with only a week left, scratch that 5 days left because they have to get it out with atleast 2 days to spare. So that's 5 days to produce millions of copies and get them sorted for shipping, loaded onto trucks, sent to the retailers, and be unloaded. You want them to work at levels that no human should work at simply because you "think" you are getting cheated?

Avatar image for Ho1den_Caufield

They didn't release it with the game because IT HASNT BEEN DEVELOPED YET. They cant spend all their time on multiplayer maps, at somepoint they have to do debugging at check for glitches to make sure that there aren't any under the map glitches like in COD WaW. Would you rather that they spent so much time on maps that they didn't have time to check for glitches and released a glitchy game like WaW did? Or would you rather the multiplayer maps were perfect and firing on all cyclinders?

Avatar image for awarriorg

Way to go with this announcement. A bit too early. Look! (Obama's favorite word) Look! Just do the right thing and throw in those extra maps in the game already. You still have a month. If they haven't been made then get your teams going, they can do it. You have a month. Make us proud. Don't make suckers out of us. We know or at least have a good idea that the game is going to be Borat's "VERY NICE!" You're going to sell millions. Why not give us presents for keeping you guys running? - We, the people, the gamers, your fans.

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@MasonChaos I don't like Zombies. It doesn't fit in a COD game and it almost ruined the series; maybe if it had it's own game, then yes. But I prefer if it stays normal like the way it was from COD1-4. I would rather shoot players online than zombies anyday. (I know this comment will be marked down for my opinion)

Avatar image for MasonChaos

They better have some kick ass DLC for taunting us with it before the game is even out. I want more than 1map pack for the games life span. I know Im tired of playing Creek, Chinatown and Killhouse on MW1. Im still dissapointed no Zombies... I mean common.. Everyone loves zombie.. or shooting them atleast.

Avatar image for Flint247

Only about a month away until the game release!!

Avatar image for Ho1den_Caufield

These are maps that dont even exist yet, hell the people at IW dont even know what the maps are going to be. To those who say that they are justing putting them to the side, you are wrong. At some point the game is going to have to ship with a certain number of maps. They cant spend all their time making maps, they have to balance their schedule. It is inevitable that new maps will be made due to fans having beaten the old maps to death. They are just giving you a heads up as to when they plan to have new maps ready to download. If they had kept their mouth shut and just told us 3 months later that they would be releasing new maps, then nobody would be complaining and accusing them of being greedy. They realized that new maps would be inevitable, so why not let the public know when they can expect them.

Avatar image for Ho1den_Caufield

@aaronfilmltd Dont know about you but I usually pay $10 for new maps, never paid $8, how do you do that? (sarcastic of course). Listen go with your gut and dont put 8-10 as a qualifier if you know for sure the maps are $10. Be decisive and less hesitant.

Avatar image for aaronfilmltd

This is going to get a lot of people to buy more Monster, but it's a tremendous rip off when you really think about it. Think about it--it takes a LOT of time to work on new maps for the game. If the maps are coming out this spring (which is pretty early for a game that's coming out November, then it's pretty obvious that IW has been working on these 4 maps for awhile now. I respect IW and everything, but Treyarch ended up doing the exact same thing last year. They nearly finished the first map pack before the game even hit shelves when they could've just included those extra maps in the original game. It's a cheap move that ultimately ends up making the developer tens of thousands of dollars richer because people (including myself) want those extra maps and are willing to pay that whopping 8-10 dollars more in the spring.

Avatar image for drummerdickens

7.99 for 4 maps is a rip off, especially when the maps suck like they did on COD4.

Avatar image for CraftyDiam0nd

It isn't even out, yet theyr'e pretty much putting some maps to one side so they can sell them and make an extra bit of cash on top of the already over-priced game. They must be getting tips from Microsoft.

Avatar image for Phantom5bad

Can't wait for this game!!!

Avatar image for D3A7HJ0K3R

cool. i aint complaining just more fun for me when i possibly get these maps.

Avatar image for Juga_Buga

im so hyped about this GAME

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@ShadowOfKratos Thats why i told u. In one message u said i have friends in Africa that have PSN and then in another you was like no one in Africa has PSN bc they have no money. I'm not tryin to start anything i was just tryin to see what you was sayin, And i actually agreed somewhat with your statement so idk who gave you the second hands down.

Avatar image for Timesplitt

excuse me while i download 400 maps for every game on my pc from 1993 to 2005

Avatar image for broncofancrazy

@ShadowofKratos You totally contradicted yourself. Just thought u should know

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Are these drinks only available in the USA?

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Energy Drink For Fat Kids.