Modern Warfare 2 controller in works, World at War maps top 4M

Infinity Ward community manager twitters about custom controller for upcoming shooter; last year's Call of Duty DLC goes quadruple platinum.


Last week, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 made headlines thanks to it being bundled with a pair of fully functional, Infinity Ward-branded night-vision goggles (pictured). Now, it appears another custom piece of hardware is being readied for the recently retitled game. Once again, the news came via the Twitter feed of Infinity Ward director of communications Robert Bowling.

No, you can't control the game with the goggles...yet.
No, you can't control the game with the goggles...yet.

"In a design meeting for a MW2 controller," declared Bowling. "Need your advice--concave or convex grips for the analog sticks? What's your preference and why?" Though no specific platform was mentioned, the Xbox 360 controller has concave thumbsticks, while the PlayStation 3's DualShock 3 has convex ones.

Bowling also did not confirm when--or if--a custom Modern Warfare 2 controller would be mass produced. However, it seems likely given Activision's continued enthusiasm for making peripherals, as evidenced by the Tony Hawk: Ride skateboard and recently redesigned Guitar Hero 5 drum kit.

In other Call of Duty news, the Treyarch-developed Call of Duty: World at War hit another retail milestone this week. As part of an announcement that a third map pack will arrive in August, Activision revealed that the previous two map packs for the game had reached 4 million units.

World at War itself has sold over 11 million units to date and may possibly be the last Call of Duty to take place during World War II. Earlier this year, rumors circulated that Treyarch was toying with a Cold War setting with Vietnam War-era music from Cuba, Africa, and the USSR.

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if the controler comes with the pack ill buy it, if not i wont. $150 is way too much the NV looks like a camcorder night mode, i only get it if the controller is included cause a controller is $60, that would make it worth it

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@shani_boy101 Yeah, my fingers slipped of L2 and R2 but I found these 'grip' type things. They don't make it grippier, but attach onto the L2 and R2 buttons and just make it so much easier to hold onto. I got mine from HMV since they do a massive gaming accessories range - they were only 99p too. They don't limit your L1 and R1 buttons either so they're perfect.

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@samthesolidman: Yes, samthesolidman, they are definitely, most probably going to replace working night vison goggles with a REAL GUN, silenced too. I mean, it's not as if thats illegal in most places, as well as the age problem, as well as 3 milliom or so people WITH GUNS.

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Cold War, Vietnam, Korean War, Gulf War...There are so many options to choose from.

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i'm just saying that if they make the goggles are some kind of "controller" they would have to put the goggles in every edition and if they add a new so called "controller" the package will probably pay more. But if the goggles are a new "controller" they would probably be for a part in a mission or something so don't cancel your pre-order ChampMLG. plus i bet if they have a level with the night vison part putting on the goggles it is optional you can probably press some button on the controller.:)

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They should rethink this package, and instead should include a silenced glock or M19Al or SOMTHING with some intrinsic value.

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@ChampMLG are you stupid or what

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If the goggles end up being a secondary controller I'm going and canceling my preorder.

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im just geting the prestige edition, that controler cant be better than the prestige edition

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......mkay, I'm not buying THAT controller, unless a LOT of games support it (and not only the ones Activision make)

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@WolfGrey Hey, I never thought about that. Thanks for the idea :D

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dont get to excited about looking in windows they are as strong as the cyclops , i'ved tried them to look into my neighbour's wife window LOL.

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lets see, 360 triggers with concave thumbsticks along with ps3 d-pad face buttons and r1 L1=Perfect controller

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hopefully it will be like the 360 controller cause fps's are so hard to play on the PS3

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I do want a MW2 controller nuff said, i kick ass enough but i used to have the halo edition controller and wasn't very durable apparently.

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Convex. Sony got it right about a decade and a half ago. Exactly why they've just kept improving the original design. 360 controllers have a bunk setup, don't get me wrong it still works.. it just doesn't feel like Im home.

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@damonkeypirate I agree. Call of Duty is good, but come on - is this REALLY necessary?

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I am excited about MW2, but activision better not make this the next guitar hero, tony hawk cash in every year Franchise

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seems like modern warfare 2 is going the same way that halo 3 did 2 years ago. get ready for the hype to come in august.

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Get ready for Modern Warfare Hero next year.

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Domestic activities? I can just picture some of you guys visiting many a woman's window with these goggles.

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i'd buy it if they made the R2 and L2 button easier to get a grip of, when i press them in killzone 2 my fingers sometimes slip.

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I'd buy a new controller if it was massively updated from the current PS model.I'm not a fan of the L2 and R2 buttons and if the design is only somewhat changed, I'd probably get it.

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thats a good idea i guess, it goes well with the game.

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Vietboi .... the night googles werent meant to be used while playing the game... they would be used as a display to your "love to MW" or used in domestic activities at night :P

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below comment might be funny if you were a more cohesive writer... but you just looked dumb failing to make a point

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o man i can see it now (nerdy loser comes in with 90$ plus tax goggles) "holy cow this is so 1337 cuz i cant see the game im playing at all with these wicked made in china plastic eye goggles that will be only useful for getting me killed in actual combat before it kills me with lead poisoning or my loaded glock that i keep by my computer desk just in case i get too lonely that it is too unbearable, wow i cant wait to show this too my clan mates who r probably not even real people"... did i go too far? oops i take bak everything i said except for what i wrote above... and any indication that i was sincerely apologizing

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Greedy Activision.

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For those of you who think your so cool and think that anyone who buys these is just a tool of infinity ward or a 'little kiddie' to be milked, go do something useful with yourself. Like really, if someone wants to spend more money on their game, let them. Oh and for your information, the game doesn't last 5 hours, there's something called multiplayer.

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IW knows that if they make it, people will buy. All those "die hard" COD fans are gunna dish out any money they need to get the controller, let alone the NVG's. Good idea, cant see it being cheap.

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As long as I can run faster with a knife!

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All these peripherals for a game that last 5 hours? Doesn't make any sense.

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Another way for IW to milk the little kiddies.

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This isn't a terrible idea, but I'm nervous that this is gonna come at a very high price.

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Cool. I'm gonna miss school for MW2 P.S. Screw you Waw, FInally it's out of WWII. (Only Thank you for Zombies and trophies.)

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If treyarch do a Vietnam or Cold War thing!!!... Im deffinetly buyin that game then!!... Infact ill look more forward to that game instead of COD:MW2 but im aware even if it is a good game you'll get your critics going angry if its set in vietnam a war which was very evenly fought in some ways... But i like to think if you can give it out (for example the americans/allies dominating nazi's) you should be able to take it aswell (recieve a beating aswell) we all get our asses handed to us at one point in our life.

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the bundle is goin to be $140, i asked gamestop, and they don't have pre-orders yet i asked about 4 days ago

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i'm w/LazyGamerX, a wii type controller that looks like an m4 w/optional accessories.

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i don't get why people are hating on waw it's just got way more stuff to do and thats it not to mention the great selling map packs if u think cod4 is great and waw is bad for having the same engine then u don't like neither and that really don't make sense to talk about a game that is so fun just because it play like another ( u dont' say all the Tales games suck ) i think they are both great games and the lvl of content put in waw keeps the replay value up

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Cold War didn't have any direct confrontational battles between USA and USSR.... how can they make that a game? Yay sneak around and do espionage in a CoD game. I won't be getting the NV goggle bundle either... seriously don't need em, and not to mention what will the price be? I've seen NVG's at a store and they were def smaller than that and they were $200+

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I cant wait for the bundle that comes with a functional M16 lol. How much is that bundle going to cost.

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Ya know I heard someone say that more gameplay is what games need not gimicky toys. Which I agree with, but I gotta say, I've always wanted a set of night vision goggles...

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Hmmm, rumors about Cold War setting... eh? Lets see how Treyarch will carry out next CoD.

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well i ordered my prestige so ill be gettin those goggles OH YEAH!

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Why get a COD custom controller when you can get a modded controller for the same price ;l

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Whoever buys the prestige edition isn't really buying it for the night-vision goggles, what they really want... is the mannequin head!! XD lolz I'd rather take that extra $90 and buy some other games or something, seriously...

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@ lovets Yeah but WaW wasn't nearly as successful as CoD4. BECAUSE they copied so most CoD4 fans didn't get it. A MW2 controller? I might get it depending on the pricem but it seems like to much.

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@sk8oridie44, if you have a job, then £120 is'nt really that much. I spend round about that amount on a good night out with friends and all i get is a hang-over the next day. But i'm getting it for about £80 anyway because i work for HMV in Glasgow and get 30% discount :D god bless the work place