Modern Warfare 2, Civilization 5 get demoed

Activision releases single-player sampler for blockbuster shooter nine months after debut; Firaxis planning trial for upcoming hexagonal strategy game prior to Sept. 21 release.


No Caption Provided Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released nine months ago and since then has become one of the most lucrative entertainment properties of all time. Almost a year later, Activision is letting gamers try the shooter without paying via a single-player demo, which is now available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. But the shooter isn't the only game getting a demo. PC strategy fans can look forward to a demo for Sid Meier's Civilization V ahead of the game's release date next month.

Activision sent word today that a demo featuring Modern Warfare 2's "Cliffhanger" level is now available to download on both major high-definition home consoles. The trial mission thrusts players into a snowy, windswept endeavor in the mountains of Kazakhstan. The level kicks off with a harrowing cliff climb, crescendos to a full-on firefight amidst a blinding snowstorm, and caps off with a cinematic snowmobile chase through the trees.

Now you can do this for free.
Now you can do this for free.

But for those who'd rather point than shoot, a demo is on the way for Sid Meier's latest foray into the strategy game genre. A post on the Civilization V Web site confirms that a demo for the game will pop up sometime next month before the full game is released on September 21.

According to the Firaxis post, excited gamers can expect more details, including what the trial will be composed of and when exactly it will hit "soon." Whatever the demo specifically consists of, it'll give players a glimpse and feel for the game's new hexagonal board, a departure from the traditional square playing field of the series.

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