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Modders Have Already Enabled DLSS In Starfield

There's no official support for Nvidia's upscaling tech in Starfield yet, but there is a mod that'll swap DLSS in place of FSR.


Though Starfield hasn't officially released yet, modders have made good use of the brief early access period--with one releasing an upscaling mod that allows players to swap out AMD's FSR2 tech for Nvidia DLSS or Intel XESS.

Seemingly due to Bethesda partnering with AMD for Starfield's PC release, the expansive sci-fi RPG is launching with support for FSR only, even though Nvidia graphics cards are more commonly used by PC gamers. Luckily, modders have been quick to make up for the absence, with Starfield Upscaler currently the top Starfield mod on Nexus Mods, as picked up by PC Gamer.

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The mod was created by modder PureDark, and allows players to change out FSR, AMD's upscaling tech, for Nvidia's DLSS, or Intel's XESS. The mod only supports DLSS 2 (although a DLSS 3 mod has also been released, though it's being sold at a premium). The upscaling mod has already been downloaded over 200,000 times, with the game still in early access.

It's still unclear whether Starfield will eventually get native support for DLSS, and Bethesda has so far been tight-lipped on the question. While AMD representatives have said that Bethesda is free to add DLSS to Starfield "if they want to," no one from Bethesda has answered any questions regarding DLSS.

Starfield has its official launch on September 6 for PC and Xbox Series X|S, after a five-day early access period for those who bought premium editions of the game. If you're planning on checking out the massive new Bethesda RPG, check out our Starfield guides hub.

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