Modder Makes Wii The Size Of A Game Boy

The "WiiBoy Color" takes one of Nintendo's most successful consoles and makes it portable.


A clever modder has taken one of Nintendo's most successful systems of all time and shrunk it down to the size of another of Nintendo's most successful systems of all time. The WiiBoy Color is a modded Wii that fits into a case that's roughly the size and shape of a Game Boy Color.

A video from modder GingerOfMods showed the process. They say that removing the disc drive actually leaves circuitry that doesn't take up too much physical space, allowing for almost the entire hardware to fit into the much smaller space. They made custom circuit boards and a 3D-printed case, but also borrowed pieces like the screen from a car backup camera, and pieces of a GameCube controller.

The result is about the same max dimensions as a GBC, not counting the triggers on the back for full controller functionality. It also has custom settings to replicate some of the Wii motion functions that are missing from the hacked GameCube controller functionality, like shaking the Wii remote. Altogether it's a very impressive build.

The system realizes the goal of making portable Wii games, as well as GameCube games through the system's backward compatibility. That means games like Super Mario Galaxy are playable in portable form. Nintendo may be planning to deliver on that promise itself with rumored Super Mario remasters for Nintendo Switch, but no plans have been announced.

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