Modder Gets Bloodborne Running At 60 FPS On PS4

The prolific modder Lance McDonald shared footage of the beloved From Software game running at a higher framerate.


Modder and hacker Lance McDonald is no stranger to mucking around in the code of Souls games, but he appears to have accomplished another technical feat. Though Bloodborne is widely considered one of developer From Software's best games, it was capped at 30 frames per second for its original PS4 release--often falling far below that on a base PS4--and it's never made the leap to other platforms that could provide better performance.

McDonald shared some footage on Twitter that seems to be the first few minutes of Bloodborne in 60 FPS. Initially, McDonald posted a clip where the game was running at a higher frame rate, but this caused everything in the game to run at double-speed, due to the way the game logic is coded. He appears to have overcome that in the second clip. The third clip was recorded on a PS4 Pro in boost mode, which McDonald says makes a massive difference in performance. We've reached out to the modder for the details of how he accomplished this. McDonald is well-known for uncovering hidden or discarded elements of popular games, including a certain antagonist flipping you off in one God of War scene.

From Software's Souls series has encountered more than its fair share of technical problems over the years. The original PC release of the seminal Dark Souls was also capped to 30 FPS, which led to another modder named Peter "Durante" Thoman to develop a mod to fix that and other issues. (It worked quite well, except for the occasional ladder causing you to fall through the world.) As for a hypothetical Bloodborne 2, it's been rumored several times over the years, especially since it was director Hidetaka Miyazaki's favorite game to make. However, the visionary is currently busy with the forthcoming Eldin Ring, so it's hard to know what the future of Bloodborne or even the Souls series is at this point.

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