Modder creates single-handed PS4 controller for disabled gamers

Celebrity modder Ben Heck tears down and reassembles the controller's left buttons on the right side.

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After creating a single-handed Xbox One controller, celebrity modder Ben Heck has done the same for the PlayStation 4. Just like the Xbox One controller, Heck tore down the DualShock 4 controller and reassembled all of the controller's left buttons on the right side for a person with a disability that prevents them from using two hands.

Heck will dive into the creation of the controller during this Friday's installment of element 14's The Ben Heck Show. You can see a teaser for the program below.

The single-handed Xbox One controller was donated to the Able Gamers Foundation, a charity aimed at making video games more accessible to those with disabilities. The single-handed PS4 controller, on the other hand, will be donated to an element14 community viewer.

Heck is a veteran modder with dozens of extreme creations to his name. Some of these include Xbox 360 laptops, portable Nintendo 64s, and a NES Micro. Heck charges $125/hour for custom creations and you can read more about his products and services at his website.

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