Mobile Forces updated demo available

Majesco releases a new playable demo of its upcoming action game.


Game publisher Majesco has released a new playable demo of Mobile Forces, its upcoming vehicle- and ground-based combat game. The demo is set in the game's Western environment, and it lets players engage in holdout matches. It improves on the previous demo with rebalanced weapons, better physics, updated character models, new particle effects, and a number of other changes and additions.

Mobile Forces will feature realistic vehicle physics, complete with suspension, a five-speed transmission and clutch, ABS brakes, handbrake turns, reverse turns, and powerslides. In each mission, players will have the option to fight on foot or use one of several different kinds of vehicles, each equipped with its own weapons. Missions will take place in 11 different environments, such as ice bases, boot camps, storm drains, rail yards, and warehouses. In addition to the single-player missions, the game will have eight different multiplayer modes--deathmatch, team deathmatch, detonation, trailer capture, holdout, captains, capture the flag, and safecracker.

Mobile Forces is in development at Rage Software, and it is scheduled for release this summer. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game and download the 74MB playable demo linked below.

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