MLG Summer Fighter Arena is back with Soul Calibur V and Mortal Kombat

The MLG Summer Fighter Arena will feature the top 8 from the Spring Championship meet up at the NYC studio to battle it out for $3,400 in both games.

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The MLG Summer Fighter Arena on August 10th will feature the top 8 Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur V players from the Spring Championship competing on PlayStation 3. The players will be fighting for $3,400 in each game. Stay tuned this Friday as the action kicks off at 4 pm EST. Tune in for free in standard definition or upgrade to watch all the fighting game action in HD at

The event will be hosted by Juice Box, with Tom Brady providing casting for Mortal Kombat, and Bibulus for Soul Calibur V. The Dr Pepper Ultimate Access Stream will be hosted by Gootecks.

MLG Summer Fighter Arena Stream Schedule

All times EST

Soul Calibur V

  • 4:00pm Keev vs rtd_atl
  • 4:15pm SomethingUnique vs Kinectic Clash
  • 4:30pm Kayane vs LostProvidence
  • 4:45pm Hawkeye vs Linkrkc
  • 5:00pm Keev vs SomethingUnique
  • 5:15pm rtd_atl vs Kinectic Clash
  • 5:30pm Kayane vs Hawkeye
  • 5:45pm LostProvidence vs Linkrkc
  • 6:00pm Keev vs Kinectic Clash
  • 6:15pm SomethingUnique vs rtd_atl
  • 6:30pm Kayane vs Linkrkc
  • 6:45pm LostProvidence vs Hawkeye
  • 7:00pm Semifinal A
  • 7:15pm Semifinal B
  • 7:30pm Finals

Mortal Kombat

  • 8:00pm DJT1993 vs Pig of the Hut
  • 8:15pm GGA Dizzy vs Riu48
  • 8:30pm KT_Smith vs EGPTyrant
  • 8:45pm GGA16bit vs Reo
  • 9:00pm DJT1993 vs GGA Dizzy
  • 9:15pm Pig of the Hut vs Riu48
  • 9:30pm KT_Smith vs GGA16bit
  • 9:45pm EGPTyrant vs Reo
  • 10:00pm DJT1993 vs Riu48
  • 10:15pm GGA Dizzy vs Pig of the Hut
  • 10:30pm KT_Smith vs Reo
  • 10:45pm EGPTyrant vs GGA16bit
  • 11:00pm Semifinals A
  • 11:15pm Semifinals B
  • 11:30pm Finals

Dr. Pepper Ultimate Access Live Stream

MLG Summer Fighter Arena Competitor List

Mortal Kombat

  • DetroitBalln
  • DJT1993
  • KT_Smith
  • Reo
  • Tyrant
  • Pig of the Hut
  • GGA 16Bit
  • GGA Dizzy
  • Soul Calibur V

  • Keev
  • Kayane
  • Lost Providence
  • rtd_atl
  • Something-Unique
  • Hawkeye
  • Linkrkc
  • Kinectic_Clash
  • For more information about the Summer Fighter Arena check out

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    SC5 sucks, but MK is really nice! I am going for MK ;)

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    Lame. I know that the last MLG had small viewers for KOF. But those matches were sick. MLG sucks again.

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    Pig owned everyone in the MK 9 tournament, congrats!

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    @flawless75 that easy to do when CD jr not there.

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    Pig of the Hut congrats on winning the mk 9

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    tyrant should have beat dizzy in the semifinals of mk9

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    the commentators look like harry porter and scott pilgram

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    ou have topay to watch soemone else play a game, f that

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    the commentator on the right is annoying and unprofessional