MLG spends $1.75M signing seven pro gamers

$250,000 contracts served up to members of team Carbon, Str8 Rippin; three-year deals give MLG trio of million-dollar team agreements.


Back in June, Major League Gaming made headlines when it agreed to sign a quintet of professional gamers for a total of $1.25 million over three years. While many scoffed at the amount of scratch given to the joystick jockeys, the professional gaming league apparently thinks it was a great idea, as it has signed a second wave of gamers to deals for a similar amount of cash.

Team Carbon accepts a dope novelty check.
Team Carbon accepts a dope novelty check.

MLG has announced the signings of the four-man team Carbon and the three remaining members of Str8 Rippin, whose team captain, Tom "Tsquared" Taylor, was one of those signed in June.

Team Carbon is made up of Chris "Shockwave" Smith, Scott "Gandhi" Lussier, Ben "Karma" Jackson, and Eric "Ghostayame" Hewitt, and is the defending MLG Halo 2 team champion. The squad beat top dogs Final Boss (the previous MLG Halo 2 champ) three consecutive times in the second half of MLG's tour this year. The team was given a three-year $1 million deal to play exclusively with MLG.

The remaining members of Str8 Rippin--Carlos "Cpt. Anarchy" Morales, Alfonso "Fonzi" Chartier, Peter "Foulacy" Dietrich--join Taylor with three-year $250,000 deals each. Str8 Rippin is considered the third-best MLG team, behind Carbon and Final Boss.

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