MLG's requirement to have players stream on their own platform goes into effect four days ahead of schedule

Being the centerfold of recent CoD controversy, Team Evil Geniuses Patrick 'Aches' Price Tweeted yesterday that the ruling that would see them stream on has been put into effect four days before the announced date.


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Aches Tweeted earlier today that the date when MLG would be enabling the rule that would see that all participants of their ongoing MLG CoD League would be required to stream on the platform has been set to go into effect as early as yesterday evening.

Since Wednesday, the situation has gone through a number of phases; initially being put into place as a demand of at least one player on every respective team providing a POV stream of all their league games, MLG changed the ruling after a massive wave of complaints from pros was launched at their general direction, stating that if any of the participating players wishes to stream their games, they would be forced to do it on the platform starting on May 27.

With the alleged changed Aches mentioned, it is uncertain if the team will comply with the rules or not. What the consequences of this recent development will be are uncertain, EG are currently in a position in the league’s standings that would secure them a playoff spot no matter what due to the small amount of games they have remaining, thus making forfeit losses in their next set of games overall uneffective. But whether or not this is the route EG decides to go down is yet to be seen.

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