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MLB.TV swinging on PS3

Subscription service allows North American gamers to stream live HD home or away coverage of every regular season baseball game, complete with pause/rewind functions.


The PlayStation 3 may have been the second console to support Netflix movie streaming, but Sony is batting lead-off when it comes to subscription-based sports TV packages. Sony Computer Entertainment America and Major League Baseball announced that the PC- and mobile-based streaming service MLB.TV will be available for the PS3 later today.

Sony steps up to the plate with the first streaming sports service on consoles.
Sony steps up to the plate with the first streaming sports service on consoles.

The PS3 version of the service will stream every regular season MLB game live in high definition and is included in the price of all MLB.TV subscriptions. If users can't watch the games as they happen, they can enjoy them after the fact, either as full games or in a condensed format. Blackout restrictions still apply, so users can't watch their home teams live. Other features include real-time highlights and a fantasy player tracker.

MLB.TV service is available in two tiers. The standard version of the service is $100 for the whole season (or $20 for a monthly subscription), while MLB.TV Premium costs $120 (or $25 per month) and lets users choose between the home or away team broadcast, use DVR-like pause and rewind functions on live games, or watch up to four games at once in split-screen. The PS3 version of MLB.TV will allow for choosing between broadcasts and DVR-like functions, though Sony's announcement made no mention of split-screen viewing, and inquiries were not returned as of press time.

Users will be able to install the service on their systems by downloading the MLB.TV application from the media section of the PlayStation Store. For more on MLB.TV, check out the official MLB Web site.

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