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MLB The Show 23 Adds Universal DH, True Two-Way Players, And More

Universal DH has been implemented for this year's edition of MLB The Show.


MLB The Show 23 developer Sony San Diego held a 40-minute livestream this week to introduce some of the game's new features. As well as touching on the game's historic Negro Leagues Storylines mode, the stream also revealed a number of highly anticipated new features including universal DH and true two-way players.

One of the new rule changes fans have been waiting for is the introduction of the universal designated hitter. The rule came to the National League in April last year, too late to be implemented in MLB The Show 22, but will have a presence in this year's game.

"The MLB got the universal DH just last season, so now we got it in Diamond Dynasty as well," senior technical designer Kyle Blake announced in the stream. "So any squad you play with in Diamond Dynasty has a DH."

Alongside this announcement was the news that two-way players have been reworked for the new edition of the game. Using the example of "the [two-way player] everybody knows, Shohei Ohtani," Blake explains that along with Ohtani's position as starting pitcher, the card also has secondary positions allowing him to be a true two-way player. This means Ohtani and other pitchers with secondary positions can now be used as a DH and in your starting rotation.

Another feature that has been added based on player feedback is ranked co-op, allowing co-op players to progress and earn rewards just as they would in solo play. "Everybody asked for it, "we want rewards in co-op." We heard it, we did it," Blake explained.

As of the end of the stream, MLB The Show 23 has kicked off a tech test that will run until February 21, allowing players to get their hands on these new features and more for the first time. The game is set to release on March 28 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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