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MLB The Show 22 Settings To Change Before Playing

Here are the settings you should change or set prior to playing MLB The Show 22.


Before hitting the field in MLB The Show 22, you will likely want to check out the many setting options available in the game. Being a baseball simulation game, MLB The Show 22 has a wide variety of setting options, letting you make the game as serious or arcade-like as you want. Since the number of options can be overwhelming, especially for new players, here is what you need to do first.

Select the best control schemes for your playstyle

First things first, you will need to select the control schemes for the different parts of the game. We have guides for picking the best pitching, hitting, and baserunning control options, but the important thing to know is that having more control over your players will make you more competitive, especially online. For example, Pinpoint pitching is the most complicated way to throw pitches in MLB The Show 22, but it also lets you throw with the most precision. Depending on the type of experience you want out of the game, you will need to pick the control scheme you like. These can be changed at any time, so change the controls if you don't like how something feels.

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Set the appropriate difficulty for pitching and hitting

MLB The Show 22 has nine different difficulty levels to choose from and the difficulty settings can be set for hitting and pitching independently. For players who play the game every year, you likely know what difficulty you like to play on, likely in the All-Star and Hall of Fame region. For new players or players who have taken some time off from the series, the best difficulty option to pick is Dynamic. Dynamic will increase or decrease in difficulty as you play the game in order to best match your skill level. The downside is that it starts at Beginner, which is likely too easy for most players, but the game will quickly bump up the difficulty as you play, provided you prove yourself ready. This will give you a tailored experience that matches your own skill level, even as you get better at the game.

Pick the camera angle that best fits your playstyle

Another setting that makes a big difference in how well you play is the camera angle option. The batting option has a bigger impact than the pitching camera option but both can be adjusted. The batting option default depends on which overall playstyle you selected, but there are a few options that will make the strike zone bigger on screen. Using the fisheye or strike zone options will reduce how much of the batter you can see and focus on the strike zone, which is where you should be looking when trying to hit a pitch.

On the mound, the default is usually the broadcast camera, which is behind the pitcher's back. While the accuracy of your pitches is more about your pinpoint movements, you can adjust the camera to zoom in on the strike zone while pitching, to make it easier to place pitches exactly where you want them. The fisheye and strike zone camera options will focus on the strike zone, even if it is a less cinematic experience.

Other important settings

There are a few other miscellaneous settings you will want to adjust, based on the baseball experience you are looking for. First is the presentation mode, which can be found under the presentation settings menu. The options are Broadcast, Fast Play, and Hybrid. This option adjusts how quickly the game moves in between the parts where you actually play the game. Broadcast will be as close to an actual live baseball game as possible, with replays, batters stepping out of the box in between pitches, and other parts of the game that happen in real life but aren't important in a video game. Fast Play moves between the parts of the game where you are playing as quickly as possible, with Hybrid sitting somewhere in between.

Another setting is Game Flow, which is the Mode-Specific settings menu. This setting only applies to the Road to the Show mode, but it affects how games play out. The options are to Skip to Next Appearance, Show Sim Screen, and Full Game. In Road to the Show you only control your custom player, so this affects how much of the game you see when. Skipping to your next appearance means you will only see things happening when your player is doing something.The best setting here is the Show Sim Screen, as it shows a very quick, time-lapsed, breakdown of the game, so you aren't confused as to how the other team has four more runs than the last time you played. The Full Game mode lets you watch everything in real time, which sounds really boring, but if that's your thing the option is there.

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