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MLB The Show 22 Full Achievement And Trophy List

Here is every Achievement and Trophy in MLB The Show 22.


MLB The Show 22 is now out for everyone, which means that PlayStation and Xbox players alike can start attempting to clear out the achievement and trophy list. The game has 25 achievements and trophies, with PlayStation having one additional trophy for the platinum. The majority of the list are things that will happen naturally over the course of a few dozen baseball games, with a couple requiring specific difficulty settings. Only a few will require some dedication, but even then, the overall list isn't too tough.

Full achievement and trophy list for MLB The Show 22

  • Backwards K!: Strike out a batter looking with a perfect pinpoint accurate pitch. (Excludes practice.)

  • Base Collector!: Successfully steal three bases in a single complete game. (Excludes local multiplayer, practice, and switching teams.)

  • Bat Dabbler: Promote to Amateur batting difficulty in Dynamic Difficulty.

  • Batting Rook!: Promote to Rookie batting difficulty in Dynamic Difficulty.

  • Big Fly Ohtani San!: Hit a home run with any starting pitcher. (Excludes local multiplayer, practice, and switching teams.)

  • Big Fly!: Achieve a perfect-perfect hit for a home run. (Excludes local multiplayer, practice, and switching teams.)

  • Bring in the Closer!: In any mode, earn a save with your closer to win the game. (Excludes local multiplayer, switching teams.)

  • Coming in Hot!: As a fielder, catch a 110 mph or harder hit baseball for an out. (Excludes local multiplayer, practice.)

  • Did we just become friends?: Enter into any co-op game. (Enter a co-op exhibition game with a friend or random player.)

  • Don't rub it!: As a batter, get on base by a hit by pitch (HBP). (Excludes local mp, practice, and switching teams.)

  • Double-sided Bat Flip!: Achieve a hit, a single or better from both sides of the plate with the same batter in a single game.

  • Fight Fire With Fire!: Hit a home run off a pitch going 100 mph or more. (Excludes local mp, practice, and switching teams.)

  • Flashing the Leather!: Turn two double plays within a complete game. (Excludes local mp, practice, and switching teams.)

  • Four-bagger Express!: In any stadium, hit an inside the park home run. (Excludes local mp, practice, and switching teams.)

  • Just a bit outside…: While pitching, strike out a batter with a pitch outside the zone. (Excludes local mp, practice.)

  • Locked In!: Achieve a hit while using PCI Anchor. (Excludes local mp, practice, and switching teams.)

  • Minor Batting Adjustments: Promote to Minors pitching difficulty in Dynamic Difficulty.

  • Minor Pitching Adjustments: Promote to Minors batting difficulty in Dynamic Difficulty.

  • Pitching Dabbler!: Promote to Amateur pitching difficulty in Dynamic Difficulty.

  • Pitching Rook!: Promote to Rookie pitching difficulty in Dynamic Difficulty.

  • Professional Framer!: Throw more than 60% first-pitch strikes in a complete-game victory. (Must be a full 9 inning game).

  • Ribbie!: With a runner on base, achieve a perfect-perfect hit and score a run. (Excludes local mp, practice.)

  • Sombrero Dealer!: Strikeout the same batter three times within a game. (Must be a full 9 inning game.)

  • The Portal is Open!: Create a Diamond Dynasty team.

  • Ugly Finder!: As a batter, record an out on a perfect-perfect hit. (Excludes local mp, practice, switching teams.)

Overall, the list is relatively achievable, with only a few items that will require a concentrated effort on your part. Things like the Professional Framer, Fight Fire with Fire, and Don't rub it will all occur naturally over regular play, so you don't need to focus on them. Some, like Coming in Hot--which requires you to catch a line drive moving faster than 110 MPH--are pretty much out of your control, although it will likely happen naturally.

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As for the achievements that will require some work on your part, the Dynamic difficulty achievements will come over time, as long as you select the Dynamic difficulty option. With this option on, the game will slowly ramp up the difficulty to match your own skill and since the achievements are for the lower difficulties, it shouldn't be a huge deal.

The achievements that you will likely need to focus on are Big Fly Ohtani San, Base Collector, Four-bagger Express, and Double-sided Bat Flip. Big Fly Ohtani San, which requires you to hit a homerun with a starting pitcher, will require some effort since the DH means that pitchers don't normally hit in either league. Obviously, you can play as the Angels and have Ohtani on the mound and hitting as the DH. Double-sided Bat Flip will require a switch hitter in your line-up, they will need to face both a left-handed and right-handed pitcher during the game, and get a hit from both sides of the plate.

For any achievement that doesn't seem like it will come naturally, you will want to set up an exhibition match and use the difficulty sliders to increase your chances. For the inside the park homerun, you will want speedy players, use the sliders to increase your hit chances, and increase the amount of errors that the CPU makes. Ultimately, nothing in this list will require an intense amount of grinding nor an absurd amount of luck.

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