MLB The Show 18 Adds Rain Delays In A Step Towards Realism You Didn't Know You Wanted

Finally, you'll get to wait.

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Every year, the developers of Sony's MLB The Show franchise come up with new elements to add to the game to make the professional baseball sim even more authentic. One of the new additions for MLB The Show 18 is rain delays. Yes. Rain delays.

As explained in the video below, MLB The Show 18 will have "more diverse" atmospheric effects, including fog and better-looking rain. We're not sure of all the details yet, as only a few seconds were dedicated to rain in the video. Presumably, if it's raining too hard, the umpires will call a rain delay, just as it would happen in real life. When this happens, you'll have to decide if you want to leave in your current pitcher or warm up a fresh arm. This is the same managerial challenge that MLB managers must make in real-world games.

As for what will happen during the rain delay, we can't imagine you'll have to sit around and actually wait for the fictional weather to clear. In real life, rain delays can last for hours, so naturally, players and fans get into all manner of hijinks during the downtime. We can only hope that MLB The Show developer Sony San Diego incorporates some of this frivolity into the game, though that remains to be seen. In real life, the umpires can choose to cancel a game if the rain persists and reschedule for a later date, though we can't imagine that would ever happen in the game.

Another new element for MLB The Show 18 is a batting stance creator that lets you control things like hand positioning and bat-wiggle, along with the placement of your hips, front elbow, and hands. Also, there are now home run celebration animations that correspond to how much the home run meant to the result of the game. As explained in the video, a home run that wins a game is completely different in emotion than one that happens during a blowout. Additionally, there are more team-specific celebration animations in MLB The Show 18, including the dancing Chicago Cubs pitchers.

In other news, Sony recently showed off MLB The Show 18's revamped create-a-player features, including the custom batting stances and more. Check out GameSpot's in-depth video here (and embedded above) to get a full rundown of what's new this year.

MLB The Show launches exclusively for PS4 on March 27, though if you pre-order you can start playing on March 23. The 2018 MLB season begins on March 29. In all seriousness, Sony's MLB The Show franchise is the leading baseball sim, and the addition of rain delays is a further step towards realism that fans may welcome and appreciate.

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@Metallicwolf29: This is sort of embarrassing for a well respected franchise as MLB the show pick this now. Aklaim Sports All Star baseball 2001 for the N64 had rain delay and OMG I played it couple of days ago, idk how Michael Kay didn't fall asleep doing the play by play. But yes, that game had rain delays and some games would actually get cancelled. The problem was that it was random, depending on the month, also some crazy stuff would happen, rain delay months ago in a game of Mets vs San Francisco, when these teams meet again let's say in San Francisco, they would have the game in San Francisco, then somehow with super speed, play the next game the same day in New York. Since I brought up that game, I wish MLB the show stop the full house thing. Back in 2001 KCR wasn't a good team somehow they made it that the fans don't come to the game, there would be empty seats, in contrast the Yankees, Mets, SFG, Cubs would have full house, I actually picked up KCR for a season, depending how you do, the fans start increasing or decreasing. I would love to see this in the show, say if a team won under 80 games, then that team would have less fans in attendance and it can be seen that only 18000 of 52000 seats are full. Here is where MLB the show could master the teacher the sounds effects, low crowd means lower crowd noise and so the stadium music, PA can be heard. Every stadium in MLB the show have a crowd of a winning team.

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@Metallicwolf29: THANK YOU. So, this is my routine every year, I don't care if the entire Sony San Diego replace non famous players but at least have the 40 man roster, I have to sit there, browse through every team, create players with completely inaccurate stats. One famous one was Trevor Story, I gave him a 68 and a potential 77. Real life Trevor Story comes in blasting everything into the stands, went up to 81. My fictitious Story? waived and later picked up by another team. Such a sad story. lol

That part of the game takes me 2 weeks even more, then finally jump into Diamond Dynasty to create my logo.

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Lol, i'll never understand how people buy these copy paste sports games every year. Another mystery of the world i guess.

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@jagdedge124: People just like to play along with the season and it doesn't really work when the rosters are outdated.

IMO sports games are perfect for more of the "games as service" model, much like Rainbow Six Siege. The only real thing that happens are adjustments of modes and roster updates.

edit: Although then EA would miss out on their billions of dollars of Ultimate Team transactions every year. Stupid people...stop buying fake cards.

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@Greyfox-101: People keep making lines for Call of duty every year and nobody say nothing. I totally agree with you. Aaron Judge for example was he in MLB13 the show? absolutely no, Michael Conforto when he debuted at the end of the season not even his last name was there I created a player whose name sounded as Michael Conforte that's not accurate and that's not copy and paste @jagdedge124 these games are not copy and paste, even for true fans like myself I could see a difference between the games and also got to see the bad parts too. 17 was a colossal mess when it launched.
True story about the outdated rosters. I have NBA2K16 I didn't buy 17 as a political statement I didn't consume any NBA media at all, 18 I didn't buy neither, I felt 2K was catering to Lonzo Ball. So, recently I made the current roster, I created about 130 new players that were not part of 16 with salaries and everything. BUT everybody got traded or waved and here I am again.. I can see why buy year to year is a waste but if you have the money, buy it. Here is another thing, go try to play Call of Duty Black ops I don't think you would find any match, the same happened when I tried to play Diamond Dynasty 15 everybody is playing diamond dynasty on MLB16 or 17, so, why am I playing that game? and this is the problem, I am a competitor, in 16 I was sizzling, I had a positive record, crazy low ERA. This season my ERA was low but lost many games. Do you think my opponents will be playing 17? no. I want to get them back, so I am chasing them into 18 and hopefully make their life a living hell.
I think you are a sport gamer, you wont be here if you werent. to FPS players, I am both a FPS and Sport. It takes true skills, true intelligence to strike out a player that can do the same damage to you, to anticipate a pitch. So, sport haters, back out

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Can we add unskippable mound visits by the catcher multiple times an inning that last minutes?