MLB Team Plays Mario Kart 8 During Lengthy Rain Delay

Playing Mario Kart to pass the time helped teammates stay relaxed and have fun.


If you're the MLB's Atlanta Braves and you have a three-hour and 12 minute rain delay, what do you do to pass the time? Play Mario Kart, obviously.

That's what happened on Tuesday night at SunTrust Part in Atlanta. Players Nick Markakis, Ender Inciarte, Sean Rodriguez, Jim Johnson, and Jace Peterson played multiple races of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in the clubhouse. Based on the Atlanta Braves report (via GoNintendo), we don't know who won, but the team seems to agree that Markakis, who uses Princess Peach, is the most skilled Mario Kart player.

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"The best in the clubhouse is definitely Nick Markakis, as he is phenomenal," Jackson said. "[Eric] O'Flaherty is pretty good, Ender is good and Sean Rodriguez is an actual solid sleeper pick. But Markakis is probably clubhouse champ."

For his part, Markakis said playing Mario Kart with his teammates helps build chemistry. The team also plays Mario Kart before their baseball games, and pitcher Sam Freeman said watching his teammates play during the rain delay this week helped him stay calm before getting back to the action.

"You've got to have some camaraderie in the clubhouse, and some fun other than baseball," Markakis said. "We are here for one thing, and we realize that, but when you have down time, you've got to have some things to do. It is just one of those things."

The Braves beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 6-5 on Tuesday night.

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