MLB Power Pros 2008 on deck

Take-Two brings back Konami's big-headed baseball series for a double-header on the Wii and PS2 this July; DS version bats clean up in the fall.


MLB Power Pros 2008

Steroid abuse in Major League Baseball is feared to be widespread by many, but if one were to judge by Take-Two and Konami's MLB Power Pros series (Powerful Pro Yakyuu in its native Japan), every last player in the league is an unnaturally proportioned and inflated freak of nature.

Finally, a baseball game without legs.
Finally, a baseball game without legs.

After introducing the series to US gamers last year, the two publishers are teaming up again to release MLB Power Pros 2008 on the PlayStation 2, Wii, and Nintendo DS. The game will feature 10 different modes, including multiple career modes. Players will be able to assume the role of a Double-A minor leaguer balancing professional aspirations with a personal life, follow a created pro through a 20-year career, or jump into the cleats of an existing player and swing for the fences.

MLB Power Pros will arrive on the PS2 and Wii in July, with the DS version following in the fall.

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