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MLB 2K8 on deck for March 4

2K Sports' annualized baseball sim swinging onto 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, and Wii next week; Wii controls detailed.


Baseball all-stars emerged from their winter slumber this week to once again hit the spring-training diamonds in preparation for opening day in late March. As is customary, 2K Sports is greeting those players with their digital likenesses in its annualized Major League Baseball franchise. The publisher announced today that MLB 2K8 has unfurled its pennant and will arrive on retail shelves for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and Wii on March 4.

This year's improvements to the MLB 2K series focus on giving more control to the players. 2K has overhauled several of its core gameplay mechanics for this year's installment, including the implementation of a new pitching interface and baserunning controls, as well as an update for the game's batting controls to create more realistic hitting situations. Players looking to make it big in the minors before being called up will also be able to assume the role one of 90 minor-league clubs in franchise and exhibition modes.

2K Games also today took the wraps off of the Wii edition's motion-sensing controls. Unsurprisingly, pitching and batting will mimic true-to-life motions. Pitchers will be able to tweak ball velocity and movement by changing the speed at which they flick the remote, and batters will be able to adjust the placement of the ball by timing their swings.

The Wii Remote and Nunchuk will also be used for fielding and baserunning. Players will control their fielders with the Nunchuk and use the remote to throw the ball to their base of choice. Likewise, baserunning involves shaking the remote and Nunchuk, and slides are performed by pushing both controllers forward.

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