MLB 2K7 First Look

We get in some early scouting on 2K Sports' upcoming hardball game.


It may be the dead of winter, but baseball fans are already thinking ahead to the opening of Major League Baseball spring training. With the regular season still a few months out, details are beginning to emerge on this year's crop of baseball games, including 2K Sports' MLB 2K7. We haven't had a chance to play the game yet, but we do know about several of the new features that will be included in this year's version.

Though the series was brought into the next generation with last year's MLB 2K6, it seems like MLB 2K7 is taking the player models to a new level, based on what we've seen of the game so far. The game will sport a new visual engine that looks to bring more detail and accuracy to the players than ever before. Take a look at the teaser trailer for the game and check out those virtual representations of Ichiro and Pujols for a taste of where the visuals are heading. Pay close attention to the cloth physics on the uniforms and the details on the players' faces--both of which look to have upgraded from last year's game.

The players don't just look good in MLB 2K7; thanks to the game's signature style animations, the players move well too. Fans of 2K Sports' NBA 2K7 might remember the signature style animation that seeks to re-create the kinetic quirks of real hoops pros as accurately as possible--the same thing will be happening in MLB 2K7. Be it Dontrelle Willis' pitching motion or Nomar Garciaparra's obsessive-compulsive batting ritual, MLB 2K7's 150-plus player-specific animations will look to bring that much more authenticity to the game's look.

Another feature introduced last year--the Inside Edge scouting feature--will return in MLB 2K7. This year user batting will work into Inside Edge data, and though details are scarce, it sounds like the CPU-controlled pitchers will adapt to your tendencies as a virtual batter. In addition, when you're at the plate, playing to your batter's strengths (and against your pitcher's weaknesses) will result in a batting boost. The Inside Edge scouting feature was one of the best, most in-depth features in last year's MLB 2K game, and we're curious to see how it will evolve with the next game in the series.

Spring is still several months away, as is the release of MLB 2K7, which is currently scheduled to hit store shelves on March 5. We'll be keeping you updated with more information on the game in the coming months, as well as plenty of screens and movies to keep you occupied until Opening Day.

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