MLB 2K6's Opening Day

2K Sports' baseball game takes hacks on Xbox, PS2; GameCube, PSP, and Xbox 360 versions getting call-up later this month.


Pine tar? Check. Batting gloves? Check. MLB 2K6 for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox? Check. It's springtime, and that means that baseball season has arrived. 2K Sports has shipped off the newest edition of its MLB 2K series, which arrived in stores today. The game will also be released on the PSP, GameCube, and Xbox 360 later this month.

This year's game features the new Swing Stick batting mechanic, letting players feel as though they are stepping into the pitch, before blasting one into the concession stand in the left field power alley. Pitching also gets a tweak with the Payoff Pitching system, giving hurlers more feel over how much heat or break they put on their pitches.

Bulging biceps and pinpoint precision aside, every true baseball fan knows that the sport is all about numbers. 2K attempts to incorporate this into the game with its Inside Edge scouting system. By spending allotted points on scouting the opposition, catchers will call for balls in batters' weak areas, defenses will automatically put on the "Barry Bonds shift," and so forth. The system is based on the real Inside Edge scouting statistics, which real MLB teams use to get inside information.

Other features include the addition of the World Baseball Classic, new animations and physics, and online play and leagues. Calling the action are ESPN's Jon Miller and Joe Morgan.

Major League Baseball 2K6 is rated E for Everyone and retails for $39.99 on the PS2 and Xbox. For more information on the game, round the bases with GameSpot's previous coverage, or check back later this week for a review.

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This game is an utter disappointment to say the least, I went out and bought it yesterday going in with high expectations and these expectations were dashed completely. I cannot really say anything good about this game. I already own MLB The Show and should have just stuck with that. That game blows this one away anyday. The gameplay in 2K6 is horrible and always stops for a sec during plays, the faces of the players are horrible, you cannot switch from one team to the other if you wanted to play strictly offense. To me, their fantasy draft is horrendous, I was able to put together a good allstar team, whereas in MLB The Show, it is tough to get a lot of top star players, to me that is more realistic. Please guys, if you are thinking about purchasing this, please do not waste your money on it. It is not woth $39.99.

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"Bulging biceps and pinpoint precision aside..." I didn't know Barry Bonds was in this game as well :D

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Major League Baseball's season started yesterday and this game is still not in our systems.MLB 2k5 was terrible compared to Sony's MLB and EA's MVP.MLB 2k6 better come out of the gate with nothing but long balls when it's finally released.

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Ea made horrid baseball and football games good thing 2K picked up the baseball exclusive.

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2K games has good ideas but, thier quality of games are just sub-par. EA needs to gain a lisence to the MLB again.

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i really dislike this year's version.. The Show on PS2 is far superior in presentation, graphics, and even playablity.. although i must admit the swing stick is an insanly nice touch to make it feel way more solid..

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Hopefully the 360 version is good