MLB 2K6 committing errors

Xbox 360 version of game causing problems for some players; 2K Sports recognizes issue, working on resolution.


If you're scoring at home, it's E-2K. The first baseball game to hit next-generation consoles is having trouble getting out of its metaphorical first inning, according to reports from the Web. Soon after the game hit store shelves on Tuesday, several gamers began to report problems with the game freezing during play.

2K Sports has acknowledged the problem's existence, but has not yet offered up a solution. On a forum post on the game's official Web site, one of the administrators posted the following message: "For those customers experiencing technical issues with Major League Baseball 2K6 on Xbox 360, 2K Sports is aware of the 'freeze' problem some customers are experiencing and is working on a solution. 2K Sports is working with Microsoft and a solution will be available in the very near future. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused to your playing experience."

The source of the problem remains elusive, and instances of the freezing issue appear indiscriminate--forum posters have reported issues in both franchise mode and exhibition mode.

Many gamers are irate over the problem, and aren't willing to wait for a patch to fix the bugs. Some have come up with their own solutions, recommending that gamers attempt to clear the system's cache or delete the game's VIP profiles (GameSpot has not tested this--users who attempt these methods do so at their own risk).

Requests for comment from 2K Sports went unanswered as of press time.

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I haven't found the "patch" everyone has been talking about. Online play has been fine (maybe the patch is only for online games). I was still freezing up while playing off line. I think I found an easy work-around solution. I am playing in FRANCHISE MODE and found that if you access the OPTIONS menu after the first batter and SAVE FRANCHISE (save over your current file) the problem seems to go away. I've noticed if your saved file is FRANCHISE1, the game will save as FRANCHISE2. Maybe this clears the cahe. It might not hurt to do this a couple of times during the game.

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OK, first of all, I am a seasoned veteran of baseball games. I own every EA game since Triple Play came out back in 2001on PS2. And beyond that, I know how far the 2KSports line has evolved since the first World Seriess Baseball on the Dreamcast. Not to mention I own 2K5 for the XBox. I loved 2K5 and could play that came for hours on end with now problem and I was really looking forward to 2K6 on my nice shiny 360. Needless to say, I'm not impressed. And I'm not biased toward any certain brand. I just want a damn good baseball game that represents my team properly. Now, for the real reason I am posting here again, upon trying to play the game more I have found even more annoying glitches. Anyone made it through a daytime game into extra innings and have the game go from dusk to the middle of the day again for 1/2 an inning then it goes back to being almost dark? I have. Anyone notice that the music sometimes keeps playing until you get the side out? It very annoying when you are trying to concentrate on pitching. Anyone else have the announcers announce that a certain player is comming up 3rd in the next half inning when he's either batting 1st or 2nd? Happened to me several times. I have also noticed that there are more players than I initially thought that have the wrong picture on their player card. And last, the whole momentum thing, is total crap. The controls are crap. I had a slow ground ball hit just to the left of my second baseman, as soon as it was hit I pushed the stick to the left for hiim to move towards it. Did he move? NOT AN INCH. Into the outfield the ball went. Also I had a lazy pop-up hit into the hole between first and second, little did I know the computer had selected my right fielder as that first fielder of choice on the play. I know you can switch players but having not noticed that it was my right fielder I was controlling and not my second baseman, I ran my outfielder into the wall and the ball dropped about 10 yards away from where the second baseman normally plays. I just can't believe these things slipped through the cracks. One or two bugs is understandable for a new release on a new system. But not of this frequency or magnitude, this is just poor.

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IM PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **** i love baseball and to have sumthing like this happens really hurts a baseball fanatic especially one who has waited this long for such a good baseball game to come out. Which sucks because when ur so eager to play it... u cant... what a ****

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Did someone really just say to get Mario Superstar baseball for GC instead???? Granted, MLB 2K6 is pretty bad........but lets be serious now.

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Well,the only glitch i think i have experienced was when the 2b threw to second for a double play attempt,the ss missed it,but the runner was still counted out at second.No freezing(knock on wood) though.

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Wow...a 2K series that freezes. What's really newsworthy is Gamespot actually catching these bugs and reporting them. At first I thought it was just NHL 2K5 that had serious season/franchise ending bugs but apparently other games that year that year had similar problems. What really frustrates me is that nothing seems to have been done about it for 2K6 games - and Gamespot completely misses them. I only bought NHL 2K6 based on Gamespot's review and whether or not the bugs returned. Gamespot said the bugs were minimal - WRONG! Gamespot can you please be more diligent in catching serious game ending bugs and glitches - It seems to be a reoccurring problem with 2K Sports games.

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Total garbage, I'm glad I didn't pick this piece of poop up.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I guess we can credit Microsoft & the 360 for bringing patches to home consoles. GREAT! Prepare for more of this... I loath PC gaming because of crap like this. L-

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If you got a GC, then just buy Mario Superstar Baseball, sure it is a different type of baseball game but atleast it has no problems and is alot more fun.

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This game is pathetic. I haven't had any of the freezing problems yet, granted I only played 1 game. But everything was terrible. The big things are the graphics are horrible, the fielding is shoddy, the base-running was poor, and their were a few game glitches. Ken Griffey Jr. has the wrong number Now I will list a few things I noticed that are big to me but may not be big to other people. First off my favorite team is the Royals and I played my friend who was Cincinnati. I know I know, not two of the best teams in the game but I bleed Royal blue. So here goes: Some players have the wrong picture on their player card - if anyone is a Royals fan out there take a look at Kyle Snyder's picture and you'll see what I mean. Players batting stances aren't even close to what they actually do. A lot of players don't have the accessories they use, i.e hockey style catchers helmet, shin guard, elbow guard, etc. When running out a triple, my player decided he was going to stop then go again going around second and almost stopped. And the players jerseys do some weird things on their way to the plate. Again these are small things but IMO it's the small things that make games like this great. I can't believe I payed $60.00 for this POS though. The X-Box version from last year looks alot better than the 360 version. And especially for next-gen...this is trash. They try to justify the $60.00 saying that you get alot more game for the money. I think the game I spent $30.00 on last year was 20 times better. Man I miss MVP!!!

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Well people, luckily for me I only rented this game. It froze up every time i played a game right about the 4th inning. I took it back to see if it was just a bad copy and got another one only to find out it froze up as well. That is when i read about the programming bug online. 2k sports stinks....I guess baseball fans will not have a good video game to look forward to ever again...thanks for messing it up 2K sports....

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Maybe they should let the real sports company (EA) make all the sports games... just stop 2k...

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I don't know what is worse; the fact that the game isn't that great or that it is glitchy? I'm just glad I didn't buy this piece of crap: thank God for GameFly!

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seems XBox 360 is so PC oriented it encounters PC like errors since day 1. remember the console not being able to play some games for a "few" selected customers? Their manufacturing and design is PC oriented and this is easily obvious now. PS3 and Revolution will have no such problems when they arise. They are console oriented. we all know what killed Dreamcast, and that is that it had a Windows CE OS(j/k, just a joke).

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All you have to do to get the game to work is start it up, take it out, put 5 different games in, then put it back on. And save before you turn it off. You never have to do it again and the game works fine.

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Someone ought to put a lawsuit in the cue for Consumer Fraud ... That might get 2K moving to fix the problem or give us some answers! It also might teach manufacturers to make sure they have a solid product before putting it into the stream of commerce.

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What most people are saying is correct, just get rid of the game send them all back. However some people have stated that they should just pick up MLB 06 The Show. Some people aren't so lucky to have every system. What I think should happen is MLB should see what has happened here and find a loophole in this exclusive third party contract and give EA the rights to make this game. Granted Madden 06 for the 360 was a rip off but at least you could freaking play it. Also if you ask most people they felt MVP 05 was one of the best baseball games. So let's see if MLB cares about the fact they signed over the third party rights to a company who makes broken games. And if that doesn't work let's hope EA has the smarts to team up with Microsoft to make a first party baseball game for the 360 that will work.

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Atomic_Mutant Wrote: Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the wonders that MONOPOLY can bring to the industry! Exactly, this is why we need healthy competition amongst all console makers and game developers. But with all the fanboism in North America, MS or any other company could ship any piece of crap and people will pay $600 for it, just because. Way to ruin it for the true game lovers, losers.

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So is this what we have to look forward to in the next-gen of gaming? Games rushed to be put out just because they are able to patch it later? This is exactly why I hate getting games for the PC and now it looks like we're starting to see the same exact thing with consoles.

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All the 2K6 games sucked so far. Minor updated Xbox ports. NBA2k6 wasen''t as bad as there last failed trys. They need to spend more time on the games then rushing out this first gen garbage. I was really excited about this game too. to many flaws for a 60.00 price and like someone else said. Developers need to fix these problems before they release not just assume its ok if they do a patch later. ps2 and xbox never had these problems no d/l an update to make it run right. I expect pc games to have problems because pc's suck,but not next gen 360 games.

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oops. looks like someone forgot to play test?

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2k and its bugs, it may become there downfall, even though a bugfree 2k game would blow the doors of EA as much as i'd hate to say it

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Gee, I don't feel so stupid for not purchasing a 360 now..and all this time, everyone's been saying "Ohh,you should get one"..;), lets see, lack of games ,that "I'd be interested in,games that have issues,console hardware messing up on people,lack of support from M$;I.E., "If hardware fails you need to "Pay us $80.00" and we'll fix it, even if it is under warranty", what a sham, sure sounds like a winner to me, makes me want to run out and buy one right now...RIGGHHTT!!!, Not

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This is just purely unacceptable. I'm on my third copy, and yes it still freezes. Their Q&A team should of realized this right off the bat. Due to the fact that it was only a small percentage of games that did this they released it for sale. Obviously it's a much bigger issue. This is also obsured, their "temporary fix" : 2) Load three different Xbox 360 games to the main title screen of each game then load Major League Baseball 2K6 on Xbox 360. All three Xbox 360 games must be completely different before loading Major League Baseball 2K6.

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I have a solution--take that **** Jeter off the cover. That should get the game to work.

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Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the wonders that MONOPOLY can bring to the industry!

Avatar image for AzureLivesOn

Wow, even the console itself doesn't want us to play this poor excuse for a baseball title.

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It is a bad game anyway

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thats why I usually wait for a game to many glitch's in new games best way to resole take it back get it later im sure there is something else to play till then

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Gee, I'm glad that I didn't pick that one up.."whew"...:P

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It froze on me. I hope they fix it. I will get the game again.

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I used to have All Star Baseball 2002. It froze all the time. I really liked it, but had to trade it in cause it wouldn't quit freezing. Why the hell do baseball games freeze so damn much?!

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I'm not buying this game after What happened to my PSP version Of SSX On tour with the freezing up all the time.EA,2k Sports and oither companies SHOULD have their games work out of the box

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wokisan're right. I forgot about 2K's (EA-NFL-like) deal with MLB. But I do see a drop in the overall quality of their sports games across the board lately, even in those which do not have exclusive deals. Perhaps things will be better as their 2nd gen 360 titles are available this fall.

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i cant wait for true next gen sports games

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2K5 used to do it right after the 7th inning stretch on my PS2 version. Also , it was impossible to win the All-Star game, whoever won, the loser was declared the winner. Figure that one out.

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wokisan, what happened is an exclusive licensing agreement... the game didn't have to be awesome because it didn't have to beat out any other MLB products.

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i believe that they should give everyone there money back, and also let them keep there game. this is only fair solution to this problem.

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2K sports definitely needs to 'tighten up'. They used to make stellar games...what has happenned?

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It's upsetting that things are happening like this at $60 bucks a pop - All I would do is take it back to the store for refund

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i love my xbox but this problem shows me that they better get it together a lil better than this...mine froze and im waiting on the patch cause my son likes baseballs games...but for 60 bucks to have this happen shows me that the gaming industry is gettin just a money grubbin as everything else

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ha! knew 2k was good for nothing. well what can you say. what a way to star off the season

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OMG the 360 freezes more then water in a freezer, I was playing NBA Live with my friend on his 360, and it froze 3 time's in like an Hour and a 1/2. What is with game's on the 360, either the game publishers are not testing them right or the 360 is the most bugged console ever.

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A good example of releasing a game too early

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I wont buy from them again. NHL 2k5 was buggy and I expected it to 2k6 to be fixed. I was wrong and it eneded up being worse. I will never trust them again.

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And people wonder why gamers are "annoyed" with paying $60.00 + tax for a game and than you get this.This game should work probably as soon as you pop it in.That's just a sign of laziness from 2k...bugs and glitches should have been corrected before this game was shipped.

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