MLB 2K6 committing errors

Xbox 360 version of game causing problems for some players; 2K Sports recognizes issue, working on resolution.


If you're scoring at home, it's E-2K. The first baseball game to hit next-generation consoles is having trouble getting out of its metaphorical first inning, according to reports from the Web. Soon after the game hit store shelves on Tuesday, several gamers began to report problems with the game freezing during play.

2K Sports has acknowledged the problem's existence, but has not yet offered up a solution. On a forum post on the game's official Web site, one of the administrators posted the following message: "For those customers experiencing technical issues with Major League Baseball 2K6 on Xbox 360, 2K Sports is aware of the 'freeze' problem some customers are experiencing and is working on a solution. 2K Sports is working with Microsoft and a solution will be available in the very near future. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused to your playing experience."

The source of the problem remains elusive, and instances of the freezing issue appear indiscriminate--forum posters have reported issues in both franchise mode and exhibition mode.

Many gamers are irate over the problem, and aren't willing to wait for a patch to fix the bugs. Some have come up with their own solutions, recommending that gamers attempt to clear the system's cache or delete the game's VIP profiles (GameSpot has not tested this--users who attempt these methods do so at their own risk).

Requests for comment from 2K Sports went unanswered as of press time.

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