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MK11 Season 13 Begins: Earn New Skins And Rewards By Playing

Playing just one set will net you the Fallen Emperor Shao Kahn skin.


Mortal Kombat 11's Kombat League is now in its 13th season, which means there are several additional character skins and rewards to earn. Dubbed the "Season of the Fallen Kingdom," players will be tasked with completing daily and seasonal challenges. It won't take long to earn your first major unlock as Shao Kahn's Fallen Emperor skin is unlocked after playing your first set of five competitive matches.

The daily challenge will allow players to earn 50 Time Krystals each day by completing five Kombat League sets. Meanwhile, the seasonal goals will task players with spilling 10,000 pints of blood, landing 25 uppercuts across matches, and completing 10 daily challenges in total. By completing all of them, players will get Sub-Zero's "Furious Winter" costume. Other bonuses include new fatalities for Kano and Scorpion plus exclusive gear. There are also rank-based rewards such as unlocking Kitana's "Lost Queen" outfit when you become Champion and "Prince of History" Geras unlocking at Demi God.

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The goal for each player is to make it all the way to the top Elder God rank, which is done by winning battles online. Players will receive an icon and background based on the season and will get bonus rewards once it ends. Thankfully, the rewards are given based on the highest rank achieved, so eventually ranking down won't be a punishment.

Mortal Kombat 11's Aftermath expansion, which adds an epilogue to the campaign mode, released earlier this year alongside a significant free update with new stages and finishers.

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