Mizuguchi to lead new Bandai label

Space Channel Five creator will manage new division; Lumines and Meteos are first titles.


TOKYO--Bandai has established a new game software label. Calling it qb, the games released under the new label will be developed by former Sega producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi and his studio, Q Entertainment. The first two titles will be Lumines for the PSP and Meteos for the Nintendo DS.

Bandai and Q plan to release three to four titles a year. Games will focus on being simple enough to be played out of the box, without the need to consult a guide or set of instructions. It's also intended that the games will result from collaboration with individuals from outside the company and, in some cases, outside the game industry entirely.

In the case of Meteos, the game is being created in collaboration with Masahiro Sakurai, former HAL Laboratory producer best known as the father of Kirby. As for Lumines, the game features music composed by DJ Shinichi Osawa, a well-known personality in the Japanese club scene.

Lumines for the PSP will be released in Japan simultaneously with the launch of the handheld on December 12. Meteos for the Nintendo DS is due to gamers in Japan on February 24, 2005.

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