Mizuguchi outlines next-gen project

Meteos maker reveals more about his Xbox 360 game and says another project is under way for Bandai's qb brand.


In an earlier interview on the official Xbox Web site in Japan, Q Entertainment's Tetsuya Mizuguchi revealed that his next-generation Xbox title, currently in development, would not be a music game. The admission was somewhat of a surprise, since Mizuguchi is the brains behind music-oriented games Space Channel 5 and Rez.

Now, the former Sega developer has elaborated further.

In the latest issue of Famitsu, Mizuguchi said that his new Xbox game will be "mainstream, aiming right for the strike zone." Mizuguchi reconfirmed that the project will be an action game with a heaping helping of drama, in addition to reconfirming that the game is being developed via a "new method" of game design, though he didn't explain more.

Mizuguchi also revealed that aside from his project for the next-generation Xbox, most commonly referred to as the Xbox 360, he is preparing a new game for Bandai's qb label. Two titles have been released under the qb brand (in Japan) thus far: Lumines for the PSP and Meteos for the DS. Both are Tetris-like puzzle games.

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